February 13, 2022 at 10:57AM

I appreciate many feedback to the previous post: my new voice for “Cultural Sustainability”. One of the most significant misunderstandings of the word “Sashiko” and “Boro” is that they became the words for mainly “Techniques” or “Design. Yes, Sashiko requires some techniques, and I teach them in my workshop. However, it is merely a preparation for the whole experience of Sashiko (as a stitchery in Japan). Boro isn’t even the word for technique at all. Then, some ask: “What is the whole experience?” or “Then what is Sashiko?”, expecting there should be easy explanations to understand. Unfortunately, there aren’t such convenient things to cross culturally. Therefore, I have many platforms to share stories.The stories here will provide the outline of what Sashiko/Boro is.

I understand the trend, though. It is “Westernized” (Also Japanese are westernized). In Western Culture, it is recommended to “control it”. The skill of controlling the needle is admired as a profession, and the ability of creating cool designs is cherished. There is nothing wrong with that: but the Core & Essence of Sashiko exist outside of Western expectation. Sashiko and Boro are the Japanese words with so many years of Stories. It is our (my) responsibility to speak on behalf of artisans who I grew up with.

All I ask is “acknowledge” it, and be mindful who you (indirectly) support. If one only cares about “Fun” and “Easiness” while saying “Whatever is fine”, then this account will be too uncomfortable for them. I am not here to change them, but I need to do something to pass down the Sashiko we have been practicing by these “violent whatever”. Sashiko requires technique, but the technique itself won’t make them “master”. Please acknowledge who you are learning from. When you wish to acknowledge the stories behind the word Sashiko, then I am happy to see you calling your stitching Sashiko (Boro is a bit different, so it requires more stories…).


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