February 12, 2022 at 10:44AM

I used to want to be “someone special”. What I received as a privilege, Sashiko, seemed too boring and too ordinary. Interestingly, my youth was all about how to be someone else who wasn’t me. After 20~30 years, the ordinary I despised became an important element of my life. You may find some “messages” from my stories. I appreciate it. However, at the simplest point, I just would like to pass down the Sashiko my family & friends devoted themselves to. A change is great. We all tried to change Sashiko to a better one. I just want the change to be reasonable & mindful with respect: not the change by ignorance or indifference for someone’s profit.

“Cultural Sustainability” is a new word in my story. The idea isn’t something extraordinary in our reasonable standard. If one enjoys cultural practice with using the name, they should use (or at least understand the difference of) tools/supplies from the culture: otherwise, the Cultural Sustainability would be twisted, or worse destroyed by those with other privileges. There are so many stories/reasons why we use tools/supplies made in Japan for Sashiko. No tradition can survive without the healthy chains of artisans. Without proper needle, thimble, and thread, I cannot be a Sashiko Artisan. A mindset of appreciating this circulation is Cultural Sustainability.

In fact, the only thing I can do is to stitch (in front of you) & to share stories behind Sashiko/Boro. It is slow, but the best way to contribute to Cultural Sustainability. I cannot change anything by myself, but I can protect the culture with you here by sharing & enjoying Sashiko stories. I have a very small voice, but not voiceless. Please copy. Please spread Story. I want the world to know what Sashiko really is.



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