February 11, 2022 at 03:20PM

If one is willing to learn Sashiko, there are a LOT of materials on my platforms (Youtube & Website) for learning Sashiko. If one is expecting a simplified filtered answer for Sashiko, then what I share is “too much”. I do not plan to change what I do to offer instant gratification for profit. Instead, I am willing to share the whole picture of Sashiko: That’s my identity.

I offer a lot of learning materials for free on Youtube & websites. Of course, I do not offer “everything” there. One reason is because I need to make ends meet somehow. However, there is another criteria I deeply consider if I should offer the learning materials for free or not. It is: “Do I contribute to maintaining or destroying Cultural Sustainability?”.

“Cheap” is good. “Free” is even better. On the Internet, like many big businesses, “Offering free (first) to get the market” is a good strategy. Some say “no publicity is bad publicity”. If my goal is just money, I should follow how the successful big business does. However, what I care about is “how this culture can be sustainable”. I always spend big time considering the boundaries of sharing it for free, and keeping them for those who come to us to learn. Interestingly, the “Core” is okay to share for free, yet other small elements to be part of the whole picture often affect the cultural sustainability. In short, if someone in the culture gets a “negative outcome” by me sharing something for free, I shouldn’t. I cannot pass down Sashiko by myself. I need to, and would like to, do so with many other Japanese people. What I do is very slow since I take careful steps. However, I am getting confident that this is “the” way I can appreciate what I have received. Please keep learning from our platform. You will find your own answer one day.


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