February 23, 2022 at 09:23AM

I often find a big misunderstanding about my message: “he is so stubborn (resisting) to the change in Sashiko”. This isn’t true. Although I am quite stubborn in teaching, I am the opposite of “resisting” change in Sashiko. Change happens, and it is important to form culture. I welcome changes. I just want the change to be “fair” and careful.

About 20 years ago, no one (as long as I knew) had Sashiko on the Denim. Sashiko Artisans around me made fun of my choice, and they silently, but firmly, denied them as Sashiko, as they despaired Boro back then. 20 years later today, Sashiko & Denim became one popular combination. Do I dislike it as a cultural invader? No, not at all. The pain I feel is often from those who think they know about Sashiko, not from those who enjoy the possibility.

When I encountered @sashikodenim on Instagram, his photos taught me a change in trend. So did books by @miniaturerhino and @katrinarodabaugh. Some think I am fighting back against them. NOT AT ALL. I respect their interpretation, approach and willingness to learn Sashiko in many ways, including by following this account. One core value of this account is “honesty”. Therefore, you (they) may find reading the caption here quite annoying & uncomfortable. However, you accept it and keep reading/learning. As I always say, misunderstanding & not-knowing are fine. All I am fighting against is the “intentional ignorance and indifference” by those who try to choose (filter) the voice of our cultural practice. In my opinion of Sashiko & Cultural Appropriation, C/A doesn’t exist in “What they make” so much. It exists in “How they Define/Approach to” Sashiko. Acknowledge it, and avoid ignoring it. I hope it makes sense (& Thank you for following our Sashiko Story).


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