February 12, 2023 at 02:22PM

A Close-Up Photo of the previous Sashiko Jacket. 9 geometric patterns that Keiko chose in 2021 to “recreate (trace)” what a Japanese would have enjoyed in their ordinary life. This photo probably can clarify it is all “hand-stitched”. Yes, it is a lot of hand-stitching to reach there, as some very occasionally share their impression of “intimidating” (which I hope you do not feel they are intimidating because it is NOT our intention at all).

After teaching Sashiko for 5~6 years in English, I am so glad that there are more stitchers who think this amount of Sashiko is “Doable” – or even “not so difficult”. It takes months to complete one jacket for us. If a person stitches “one-by-one”, it may take years to complete. I often receive a compliment/distancing saying [Wow. You are so talented]. After so many good experiences here, I am confident to say out loud that anyone can reach here with reasonable amount of practice.

When one learns the “form”, it doesn’t require decades to be a “master” – not a self-proclaimed master, but actually the master with actual stitching results (who often tend to not to consider themselves masters…) There is nothing wrong with stitching “one-by-one”, and that’s the start for everyone. Please enjoy Sashiko the way you like – and then, please keep learning more. Sashiko is more than just making one beautiful stitch. It becomes a cultural issue when they “decide” to ignore the “more” part of Sashiko as they think they cannot reach there. Anyone can do this when they learn the form, and I am here to share for the “inclusion”.


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