February 11, 2023 at 07:56AM

Recently (in the last few years), our Sashiko works have been picked up for exhibitions and some events (like Live Performance). We will have our first exhibition in April. It is an honor that they would like to have our items for their events & interest from you & others. We will keep making Sashiko, and I hope you will find an opportunity to see, feel, and touch our Sashiko Jackets & items.

As our profile states, we are a “mother & son duo” of Sashiko practitioners. Keiko has more than 40 years of experience, and I was born in the Sashiko family… so I probably saw Sashiko before I saw my father’s face. However, our work as SashiCo or Upcycle Stitches just recently came above the surface. Our Sashiko wasn’t available before 2013 online (at least, I wasn’t teaching & sharing stories this intensively). There are many reasons for this, but a rough summary is that we “restarted” in 2014 after some tragedy. It indicates that it took about 5~10 years to rebuild what we were proud of, passionate about, and simply part of our lives.

There is nothing wrong with using “Sashiko Machines” (& I don’t dislike it at all although I won’t promote it here). It can be called “Sashiko”. However, I believe, the core experience of Sashiko exists in “Hand-Stitching”. No matter how fast we stitch, it takes time, and that’s the value there is in a society where we expect as “quick” and “short” information/practice as possible. My goal is to build the foundation of Cultural Sustainability of Sashiko by sharing stories rather than creating the Temporary Trend – and I appreciate you being here to help our foundation.


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