February 13, 2023 at 08:45PM

In this account, I am sharing “stories” so that I can somewhat illustrate what Sashiko is. In Workshop & Online Class, I teach the “Core & Essence (the most important element)” in Sashiko. 5 years of experience with positive reviews encouraged me to be confident that anyone can reach the “Sashiko we practice” by practicing with a specific form.

In #Quiltcon 2023, I have an honor to offer a lecture. Unlike just Sharing, or Teaching, I believe the purpose of the lecture is “Delivering the Message”. The title is “Japanese Sashiko Today as Cultural Sustainability” – but I do not plan to talk about only the concerns – I would like to deliver “something” for those who registered to be there. “Acknowledgement” to the stories? “No such a thing as Right and Wrong in Sashiko” as a New Rule? I am spending a good amount of time reflecting on what I am doing by sharing Sashiko.

[I want you(them) to know “The Unknown”]. This is probably the message I would like to deliver. The Sashiko today is built on the lives of so many “Unknown” Artisans – or just ordinary Japanese who happened to stitch. I do not want to ignore them even if they prefer to be anonymous. Not all artists have a chance to speak to the world (via their Art), yet I say I am not the Artist… It is because of these so many “Unknown Craftsmen” who made the foundation of what I am sharing today. “Unknown” doesn’t mean “Non-Existence”, and it is my job now to introduce “Unknown” as indeed Existence hidden in the trend. If you are gonna be in Quiltcon, please come to see how I deliver the message.


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