February 05, 2023 at 12:02PM

Today’s Story is a bit personal – I remember a very powerful statement one teacher told me in my school: [If we have a moment (1%) of laughter with warm food, we can go through the 99% of miserable moments]. My Philosophy and principles are based on this phrase. Therefore, the first thing I did when I visited Otsuchi (for the Sashiko Recovery Project after Earthquake & Tsunami) was to cook a warm meal to the staff.

I don’t have much to offer to my wife (she is the breadwinner in a household), but I make a rule to make her laugh at least once a day – not 100% success rate, but I try. The same rules apply when I offer Sashiko Workshop. I try my best to make it “funny”. Sometimes, I receive a review focusing on my joke rather than Sashiko… which is, well, very appreciated. Naturally, my personal “dream” is to stand on the stage as a “comedian” – which I am scared of, and not happening as it is “dream” yet. Regardless, I like people laughing a lot, and I believe it is how we can go through difficulties.

On SNS, I try to be as “difficult” as possible so that I can achieve the goal of passing down the Sashiko as a part of Japanese culture – rather than just a technique or design. It is a part of Cultural Sustainability, and if you do not receive any reply from me, please search for the answer. It is usually there, very easy to find, as I usually answer when I receive a question for asking answers with the necessity of explanation. I am not here to offer “Instant Gratification/Satisfaction” – I want you to laugh, smile, and enjoy Sashiko together with us. I intend to keep this style although I understand it is much easier to adjust Sashiko to Western Culture (like others do). However, to have a good 1% moment of laughter & warm food for everyone in Sashiko, I will keep sharing what I can do.


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