February 03, 2023 at 11:28PM

[Warp and Weft] – in Japanese, [Tateito & Yokoito]. It is common sense to fabric lovers that fabrics are woven with Warp and Weft. Wapr itself won’t make it fabric, and vice versa. Our days are similar, in my understanding, so is culture.

An example. Let’s say that culture is “woven” with “Warp and Weft”. Warp is like the chronological time-line from Past, Present and Future. Weft is like our “relationship” as family, friends, and communities. By combining both, we can sustain our days. Not only focusing on the past, present and future. Not only focusing on the “fun time” with related others. However, when a trend may sometimes introduce only “Weft side” as if Warp will always be there. In most cases, Warp as historical stories would continue, but in this Internet world – we also need to pay attention to the significance of Warp – that’s what I named as “Cultural Sustainability” – the Video is available from my profile.

Sashiko is a stitching to add thread (stitches) to those “Warp and Weft”. Therefore, before teaching what Sashiko is, one has to learn what “Warp and Weft” are for Sashiko, even in analogy or examples. My voice isn’t loud. The trend is much stronger. Some say it is too late (and I agree with them if I expect to do so with no pain). But I am willing to spend all of my life to keep the beautiful Japanese fabric – as a result of our/your own warp and weft – to call it Sashiko.




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