February 06, 2023 at 01:35PM

Thank YOU for mentioning this account here and there. If you are new & here, please read what I write instead of what you think I write. I sometimes bring up the topic of “Cultural Appropriation” – but it is NOT my intention to limit your creativity & fun. I want anyone to call their stitching Sashiko (if they want to), and therefore, I ask them to learn what Sashiko is instead of following the ignorance in trend, or worse, indifference for someone’s profit.

I teach Sashiko Class both Online & In-person. I believe I am offering some kind of “Paradigm Shift” there – not only (but of course) the technique and design, but also philosophy & how Japanese approach(ed) to Sashiko. That being said, my goal is to pass down our Sashiko – so I share pretty much everything on here, Youtube, Patreon… everywhere I can think of & work on. I even encourage them to share/copy/imitate, or even teach what I do/say. Only thing I ask is to identify the sources (=upstream) – where they get “it” from.

We “share” things to make a living. Analogy. I share my wisdom as I would share “a river” in front of me. I may use it for cleaning dishes while letting children play in the water – or we may catch fishes together for a day. There are millions of ways to use (appreciate) the river, yet I must tell children where this river comes from. When we ignore (neglect to acknowledge) where “it” comes from, then we may not have the same “it” tomorrow. The same thing goes to a culture – as there are millions of rivers in this world, there are numbers of Sashiko in Japan. But, well therefore, please learn the Sashiko which identify & respect where it comes from. Speaking of our Sashiko, you just need to mention this account as I will be responsible for sharing the stories of “upstream” of our Sashiko. But, your “sharing” will be the biggest help to sustain this culture. Thank You! (thanks @geri_in_stitches & @exhaustedoctopus for tag me!)


#Sashiko #刺し子


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