December 30, 2023 at 08:22AM


You may wonder “What is Atsushi’s destination for sharing so many stories & his opinions?”. The goal is simple as I always say: It is to pass down the Sashiko we practice. All the posts here including non-directly-Sashiko-related topics are the vehicles to reach the goal. Some of the transit points are “Acknowledgement”, “Upstream”, and so on. Among big cultural differences, the “acknowledgement” will be the first step to fully pass down what I have.

Therefore, “Ignoring the negativity” isn’t the option. I understand the advice is very true, but it won’t do good for the long term. An analogy again. Let’s say, one “divides” a mountain small water spring to their profit. I don’t mind sharing “water source” as it is for everyone – but when they block the “other” stream to increase their water supply, then we would lose the river in front. One is okay to share – yet the other is monopolizing. To me, the negative comments are the way to “block my stream”. I cannot Ignore the Ignorance.

The reality won’t be that bad as I have you here, who acknowledges. However, it is getting to the point where “silence” is also no-good as the trend is so big. Wishing to keep the river in front with just praying in silence is too risky for me. So, please “add” learning of Sashiko from “Japanese with decades of stitching”. Introductory Course is available on Domestika to see the “difference”.




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