December 29, 2023 at 07:56PM

I appreciate many encouraging comments & advice on yesterday’s post. No matter what happens, I will keep sharing the Sashiko Stories. It isn’t a job or a hobby. It has become my life to preserve where I am from. I do not reply to all the comments, but I do read them carefully. Some comments make me think more and more, and I am happy to do so as it is a process of building a bridge.

99% of the comments I receive are positive. The advice is indeed true that I should ignore the negative comments. However, it is also a FACT that the negative comments written in non-Japanese exist. Some even left defamation saying that “Atsushi isn’t well respected in Japan”, if you remember those events. You say “Ignore them”, and I understand you are absolutely right. Yet, here, I have another interesting fact. I have NEVER received one single aggressive comment in Japanese (or from Japanese for that matter).

Do all Japanese Sashiko Artisans like/agree with what I write? Is my voice so small in Japanese? I don’t think so. It is impossible to be liked by everyone. I do have Japanese followers here so I believe they read what I say. Some of them may be unhappy with what I say for their reasons. I don’t know as I have NOT received anything. Why? It is because that’s what Japanese would(n’t) do. That’s the nature of Japanese culture. In this trend, the loud voice gets attention, then verified. English has the power to do so. I see one on the other side of so-called “masters” without proper understanding. Oh my. I feel I need to re-read Catch-22.

Photo is non-related to this caption today. It is Sashiko Thread offered by Keiko in Japan (for now). I am on the waiting list… and hopefully I can introduce some @upcyclestitches




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