December 31, 2023 at 07:47AM

Thank you all for being here on the final day of 2023. I kept stitching almost everyday, aiming to complete the 100 meter Asano-ha Project (not done yet, hope to complete it within 2024) and more. Sashiko is our ordinary, and we are very happy that our ordinary can be your inspiration.

I often say that Happiness is something to “realize”, not to achieve. I decided to share this very personal photo to share the happiness I am with – Me stitching & dear daughter reading to me a book “How to Smile”. Well, I do smile. I am just a “Japanese”. (Also, don’t mention my “posture”…🤣)

Having a “firm belief” helped me to realize Happiness. In Japanese, it is “信念 (Shinnen)”. It isn’t quite the same as another popular word “Ikigai”… Shinnen is more like the fundamental basis of daily decision. As humans, we cannot stop comparing ourselves to others, and then feel less valued. Others seem to have so much brighter days, yet facing the so-called “reality” that puts us down. I always wished to be someone else. I wish I could do more. I see others paying big cash, which I don’t have, to a “helicopter” to the middle (a summit like place) of a mountain. I wish I could say that I am at the summit to get more validation… yet, I have “Shinnen” to share the clear & purest water in a small path to the summit where helicopters cannot access. I am happy because of “Shinnen”.

Interestingly, Shinnen also means “New Year” with different characters. I welcome “Shinnen/新年” with my long-living Shinnen/信念. I hope you welcome the new year with Happiness nearby (in stitching).




#Sashiko #刺し子


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