December 26, 2023 at 08:48AM

“Welcoming” and “Unwelcoming”. I receive 2 very opposite feedbacks to the Same Stories. “He is Encouraging (me to enjoy Sashiko)” and “He is Angry” are another example of 2 opposite reactions I receive. After wondering for many years why, I understand that it happens because of a fact: We read what we want to read based on what we think it should be written. In order to avoid it, the message has to be very “straightforward”. I remember what I learned in College: Make the sentence shorter. Bring Thesis first. Unfortunately, writing shorter sentences simplify Sashiko due to cultural differences.

My writing (both in Japanese & English) is hugely influenced by the true nature of Sashiko. It is like a mirror – a medium to talk to oneself. Interestingly, my writing has been like that since I realized it, and I became like that after shifting to [For Whom]. Some of you here who met me in person may agree: I am like a mirror, and it is my true nature – or in other words, it is my ability that may be special for some, yet quite ordinary to me.

The Stories here rarely share the definition. It encourages you to think instead of react. It welcomes all yet it never begs to be. For us, Sashiko is a process to talk to the “Fabric”. It is kind of an analogy as Fabric does not “Talk” by itself. It is you who is talking via Fabric.

It is nonsense to ask them to read more when they have decided what they want to read. They aren’t welcoming themselves to the difference, and there are many steps to overcome to understand Sashiko. If you feel welcomed here, then it’s just a matter of time – or finding a story that “clicks”. I hope I am helping you to find your own “Sashiko”.



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