December 25, 2023 at 02:31PM

Preparing Home-made meals as ordinary, but for this Christmas Eve, I made almost unlimited numbers of Sushi Rolls. Played a bit of Card-Game Together. Watched a comedy show while Leona playing Minecraft on Tablet & me stitching. 99% of the Stories here are about Sashiko & myself in Japan. I have another 99% of the ordinary here that I appreciate so much. I sometimes feel bad that I cannot take my family on a “vacation”. We don’t have to worry about tomorrow’s bread (thanks to my spouse), yet spending nights in Hotels & doing winter activities easily unbalances the ordinary. I am not complaining as it can get a lot worse – and I have been through… Holidays are an important time to appreciate the family, yet time to see neighbors’ greener grass.

That being said, it is not my plan to hand “this” to my daughter. She sees me stitching all the time, yet I never force her to stitch. If she asks me to teach her, I gladly will. If she decides to pursue Sashiko as a career, I will oppose it first, then set one condition – to be somewhat proficient in Japanese, yet I will continue to question her if it is really what she wants.

As a parent, I do not want her to go through the same difficulties I go/went through. It is so sad to realize that the life-long practice cannot support one’s life. I cannot even make my end meet by just doing “Sashiko”. I know the time people made a living by doing Sashiko. In decades of change, I blamed myself for not working hard enough. My father did the same. We thought we lost because of lack of hard-work. After learning Sashiko in English, I realize it isn’t true. I learn that there is a case where one works so hard in important work, yet is “unknown” because of lack of “acknowledgement”. Therefore, I focus on “Stories” rather than “technique”. I want her to know the stories of where her upstream is.


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