December 24, 2023 at 11:49AM

A few posts ago, I shared a Story about the paradigm shift of my life from [What for] to [For Whom]. Either a privilege or a curse, Sashiko has been a great part of my Life. Or, in other words, my life is always with/for/about Sashiko. I appreciate many feedback about the fundamental change of [What For] to [For Whom]. Many asked me what was the “events” or “Inspiration” to welcome the shift. The post here will not be enough to share the full story, so I plan to summarize it on my other platforms – if you have been following this account for a whole, you may get to see what happened in 2011 to 2013 as I share here and there. On Patreon, all of 180+ Stories are related to this shift. Regardless, although it is very personal, I am ready to share it. I just do not want it to be “Cut Off” or “Simplified” for someone’s instant gratification.

“[What For] and [For Whom]” can sound pretty philosophical, and it is so for some of us. However, for others like my mother Keiko, it is extremely simple. Without her care for others, I wouldn’t be enjoying “Boro” today. For me, “Boro” without Care (as Process) is something I do not want to even touch. [The Boro] introduced in English is a completely different figure from the Boro I know. Some look completely different as the result of simplification. Others may look similar, yet can be different from the fundamental level.

My mother, Keiko, has been living for “others”. It is my dream to introduce her Artistry to the world, yet the best way to introduce her is to spend time together. Therefore, I organize(d) the Sashiko tour to Japan, and wish to make it happen again. To understand Sashiko as a cultural practice, there is a very simple and straightforward way – please meet the Japanese Sashiko Artisans who actually have been stitching for decades. I needed some “shocks” to shift from [What for] to [For whom], but Sashiko Artisans I know often carry it as is.


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