December 22, 2023 at 06:21PM

I shouldn’t say it much, yet I occasionally state here and there that I am not a big fan of Media. I personally do not think “any publicity is good publicity”. So when the interviewer/producer already wrote the article/script on what they want me to say, I don’t accept the offer. You may say that I am on media like BBC, NPR, Domestika… it is because they (the producer) really “listen” to me. There is a certain “Core” that I never want to “Twist”. In my youth, I experienced the twisted message on Media, and it traumatized me – so I try to stay away from it unless they share their willingness to talk in advance.

If my goal is to be famous/popular, then the Media is a must. Any publicity will be good publicity. For me, “Popularity” is just another vehicle to bring me to the goal I have – to pass down the Sashiko we practice. If the vehicle itself changes the goal, I cannot ride on that. Thanks to the Internet, I can share my own stories – the stories which may be buried under if I weren’t proficient in English or not accessible to the Internet. You are listening to another side of a very authentic Sashiko Story.

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