December 20, 2023 at 05:05PM

Until 2013, I didn’t find “a Light” in living. “Joy” and “Happiness” were something “fabricated” as I didn’t know if they existed. The reason for this pessimistic view comes from my childhood & unique environment I had spent until I went to college in the US… at the same time, my mindset of “pursuing something I don’t have” and “trying to be someone else” defined by so-called “success” was a great part of the difficult time. In short, my life was all about “What For”. Once I shifted “What For” to “For Whom”, my life drastically changed. Well, not much change in “Condition”, but what I saw became completely different.

Sashiko’s principal is, as you can imagine by now, “For Whom”. Therefore, I feel strange to see Sashiko describe the vehicle to achieve “What For”. There is nothing wrong with achieving something by doing Sashiko – but without the concept of “For Whom”, Sashiko loses its value. In Sashiko particularly, the primitive Sashiko & most authentic way to appreciate Sashiko is to stitch for “someone you care”.

Today, Sashiko is taught in many languages focused on “technique”, “design” or “Style”. Every single day, I come across someone defining Sashiko the way someone is “limited”. Technique & Designs are an important part of Sashiko – but something very important – here “spirit” – is missing in their teaching, yet they say they know the “answer” for Sashiko. Stitching for someone is for any stitching culture, not only Sashiko. Yet, when the word “Sashiko” is used for “What For”, then it gets simplified. Stop asking for the answer, and start stitching for someone you care about – then you will get the answer for “what Sashiko is”.




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