December 24, 2022 at 09:33PM

[Dirty Hands, Clean Heat]… I received a comment like this in the previous post (on FB). This comment “could” upset me before 2012… but now, I smile when I see it. Yes, it is dirty, and I am proud of it. No hands are “clean” in my memories. All of the Sashiko Artisans I had spent time with were like “Rocks”, and I hated to be part of it. As a youth, I longed for sophistication and Sashiko was completely opposite of “clean” (regardless how much people now romanticize Sashiko – it is the memory I carry).

Sashiko isn’t wet work, so technically speaking we can keep our hands clean. When we take care of our hands after stitching with good moisture cream & proper protection (when sleeping), it is possible to have clean hands. However, the artisans who worked with had priority in their budget – making ends meet. Sashiko was NOT a stitchery for those who could care for how beautiful hands are – and their Sashiko are indeed beautiful.

When one does Unshin in a recommended form, no pain should occur. Instead, the fabric will absorb moisture from hands, and that’s the main cause of “dirty” hands. Good hand cream is one solution, but it can negatively affect the stitching experience – so it is our choice after all. Unfortunately, not all “Sashiko Suppliers/Teachers” are stitchers. Their stitches & hands tell more than what they say/write. You do not want to learn how to run from those with baby-feets (like me…). It is strange to say it from me who writes/tells stories this much, but please read/listen “beyond” the stories. When we are mindful of what we do, we have the ability to tell the difference. “Speed” can make us ”slip” something very important off from our ordinary.


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