December 23, 2022 at 08:27PM

This may be the first article in Japanese about me & Sashiko since I moved to the U.S. in 2013. Thanks to the detailed interview with @handmade_kikou, one page article about our Sashiko is in the magazine “Quilt Japan”.

As I say here and there, I am not a big fan of “Mass-Media”. Some advise me that “Any Publicity is a Good Publicity”, and I understand their perspective… but I do not like to be interviewed on an article/book/video with a “premade” conclusion. Unfortunately, a majority of requests are based on their “current” understanding – and they are not expecting me to say something they are already about to “write”. I ask for their understanding of Sashiko, and often, it doesn’t go well with what I share here.

Same goes to a book publication – I do wish to publish a book. I just haven’t met a publisher who understands my wish yet (I have other priorities for self-publishing). Many ask for a book recommendation about Sashiko in English. Unfortunately, I have no recommendation. Therefore I am here sharing Sashiko Stories. If one’s goal is to peek at Sashiko with superficial (instant) gratification, “any books” are okay. If their goal is to “understand (respect)” it, then please keep reading stories here, and possibly stories on Patreon which may connect some dots you are confused by reading stories or listening to my Live Streaming.

アメリカに移住して刺し子を再開してからは初めてになるかもしれません。@handmade_kikou さんに私を見つけて頂き、また丁寧な取材をして頂いて、キルトジャパンの一ページにてご紹介頂きました。とても有難いことです。あちらこちらで言ってるので隠す必要もないと思っているのですが、私はマスメディアがあまり好きではありません。「そんな好き嫌いの話をしてるから駄目なんだ」とお叱りを受けることも多々あるのですが、過去の経験も踏まえて、特に「既に内容が決まっている記事や番組への取材」は後々のダメージがエグいので、英語圏でも、ほとんどの取材はお断りするようにしています。



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