December 22, 2022 at 08:25AM

I am back here. I appreciate all of your warm comments, worries, and patience. 2 weeks. It was before 2013 when I had become ill like this. “Something” is happening, and I need to face it. Regardless, I will not “give up” sharing Sashiko Stories. I may take days off from SNS, but I will always come back.

[Health is the most important thing]. This is a true Statement. We cannot “perform” well when we have health problems. For that reason, if health is the only thing that matters, I shouldn’t keep sharing my honest stories on SNS. Honest Stories for closed communities (like patreon), Marketing Strategies for SNS (not only to “sell”, but even to “protect”). As much as I have so many warm caring people here, SNS can be a toxic place, and people can be nasty. As they feel their justice, they can be cruel more than one’s imagination.

For me, “Good Health” is not only one center of my life – both “Dignity and Identity” are the center of my life. They aren’t only about my dignity and identity – it is for someone like me and someone who may be like me in future. No matter how badly I get damaged over my good health, “giving them up” is not a choice… and it has been the last 4 years of me sharing 2K+ Stories here. The more I teach Sashiko individually, the more I realize how badly Sashiko is “filtered”. Change is good, but not “filtering” for their profit (forced) by their privilege. I needed to stop & think, I guess. My body just required me to be mindful, again. I need to be strong – and your help for me to be stronger is very much appreciated.


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