December 25, 2022 at 07:47PM

Indigo & Kakishibu (Japanese Persimmon Tannin Dye). The Blue & Gold (ocher) Colors from Nature always encourage me to keep sharing the meaning of their existence. Natural Dye itself is deep, long-way, and endless learning opportunities. I have no qualification to mention about the “Core” of Natural Dye here, yet I enjoy the color very much as many of you.

As the Colors are from Nature, it “fits” into Nature. It doesn’t fight when we wear it outside. Even more, it “shines” in the light. Whenever I have an opportunity to share our Sashiko items in-person, I ask them to bring them outside when the weather permits – it will bring us back to the “original scenery” where we probably haven’t even been there. The photo is a close-up of Noragi with Indigo & Kakishibu. The whole Noragi picture is available on @UpcycleStitches. I am very fortunate to observe Keiko continue Natural Dye – and I am very proud of her starting this journey decades ago – to find “The Color ‘ she is looking for in the piece of fabric in front of her. One day, I hope this Jacket will find “someone” to include it to their ordinary (Nature).


太陽染めとも言われる柿渋染めは、太陽の光により微妙に色が変化します。光と共に存在する色です。藍染めは空気中の酸素が大切です。空気と共に存在する色なのかもしれません。もちろん、言うまでもなく、「水」は染色においてとてもとても大切な要素です。草木染めの美しさの理由は、その地域にある光、空気、そして水によって微妙な違いが出て、またその違いも場所を違えても「自然」と言う同じ共通項において馴染むからかもしれません。この野良着の全体写真は @UpcycleStitches にて紹介しています。刺し子の継続性を考える上で、「販売(=値付け)」は必要不可欠なものなのですが、こうして手に取り写真に残すと、「実物も手元においておきたい」なんていう収集家気質が出てしまいます。だから商売下手なんでしょうね。本音のところで売る気がないんだから。

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