Monthly Sashiko Gathering Cover

Monthly Sashiko Gathering in English

My dream has come true! I am very happy to announce this trial of “Monthly Sashiko Gathering in English”, starting September 2022. One of my dream in sharing the Sashiko Stories is to create a “place” for anyone to feel “being belonged”: “Ibasho (居場所)” as I name it after Japanese word (which has more meaning than a place to be – but the closest one). Weekly Sashiko Live Streaming on Youtube has become a great Ibasho for me as well as many Sashiko friends across the world. However, the Live Streaming tend to be one-direction communication: I talk, the audience reply in the comment section. It is great, but the best place to make it “Place to be”. So, I tried to arrange occasional gathering here and there… but it has been very challenging to keep offering due to my financial & time restriction. After sharing our Sashiko to a Japanese who lives in San Francisco Bay Area, Maiko-san, we are finally offering this monthly Sashiko Gathering where anyone can join.

*Anyone can join for free of charge. However, there are some rules to make this place safe & comforatble. Please read the agreement carefully on the registration page.

Maiko’s Dream through Monthly Sashiko Gathering

Maiko has a dream to be a bridge of Japaneseculture and other cultures (in English). It isn’t really only about translating the voices: it is more like “sharing” the experience. In order to fully understand the Japanese culture, I believe the fluent Japanese language skill is necessary. However, it is not fair to ask everyone to be fluent in Japanese to “appreciate” the Japanese culture. So, Maiko’s dream and my dream met there. We sincerely hope that Sashiko will be a medium to encourage Japanese to learn English, and English speakers to talk to the Japanese people in sharing the same passion: Sashiko.

Maiko is in charge of the gathering. I will be just an assistant. Alghouth it has been challenging for us to set up the best comfortable time to join (especially those in Europe time-zone), I hope you can join one gathering at some point. We plan to offer 2 kinds of Sashiko Gathering. Please read the description carefully, and register it on Maiko’s website.

Monthly Sashiko Gathering (Stitch, Chat and Learn)

Register at

This is a monthly discussion group open to anyone who is INTERESTED IN JAPANESE CULTURE AND LOVES SASHIKO. Our discussion will revolve around the topic presented by the facilitator of the meeting.

In our online meeting, we will share thoughts and deepen our understanding of Japan and its culture while individually working on our own sashiko projects.

There is no fee to attend this meeting but registration is required.

  • The language used in this group is ENGLISH.
  • This is a friendly discussion group and NOT a place to learn sashiko skills OR do show-and-tell of your projects.
  • Atsushi may not be present in this gathering. Maiko will be always there to facilitate the gathering.


  • Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022 at 10.30 pm (EDT)

Sashiko Idobatakai in English

Register at

This is a monthly, PRIVATE discussion group for Atsushi Futatsuya’s current and/or past students and his active Patreon supporters.

There is no fee to attend this meeting but registration is required.

It’s an online group to share thoughts and deepen our understanding of sashiko as well as Japan and its culture while doing sashiko (unshin) together.

  • The language used in this group is ENGLISH.
  • This is a friendly discussion group and NOT a place to learn sashiko skills OR do show-and-tell of your projects.
  • Atsushi will be there (I will do my best).
  • Please consider supporting Atsushi & Keiko in Patreon where we offer 150+ articles for you to read to understand what is Sashiko for us.
  • Please use the email address you sign-up for the Online Sashiko Class or other In-Person Sashiko Workshops. We will check the eligibility before the each session.
  • I you are looking for a class to learn how to do sashiko or improve your sashiko skills, please consider learning from Atsushi: A Summary of Links @sashikostory

Is really Sashiko introduced in English “insufficient”?

When I say the key phrase for 2022 regarding our Sashiko: “Sashiko introduced in English is NOT wrong, but insufficient”, I understand some feels offended. However, I do not mean to judge or criticize those who do not understand Japanese with insufficient understanding of Sashiko. In other words, how would one understand a culture fully without talking to those who lives in the culture (here, Japanese who live in Japan). I hope that this gathering will be an opportunity for anyone to feel how “Japanese Culture” is different from our (your) ordinary & expectation. It requires to read between lines, and we will try our best to facilitate as if it is happening in Japanese manner setting.

I hope to see/meet you there.

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2022 Cover

In-Person Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2022 to 2023

I am happy to announce, once again, the schedule of In-person Sashiko Workshops for the year of 2022, and the beginning of 2023. The pandemic hit our activities hugely as the other small businesses. We have been hesitant to actively arrange the In-person workshops. In 2022, with huge encouragement from our supporters, we are offering several In-Person workshops. This is Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2022 and I am looking forward to meeting you very much there.

*If you are learning from Sashiko Online Class & live near the workshop location, depends on the schedule, you can stop by the workshop & meet in person!

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2022

Sashiko Workshop Schedule 2022 for both West Coast & East Coast of the United States.

West Coast (CA)

This is my first time to offer our Sashiko Workshops in West Coast (CA). I have been receiving many requests to offer the Sashiko Workshops in WA, OR, and CA. I am so happy that it is finally happening thanks to the Shibori Legend, Ms. Yoshiko Wada.

Slow Fiber Studio

*Trunk Sale of Sashiko items, and Show-and-Tell from other various artists are available on Sunday July 24. Please check their website for the details.

*MORE (Application & Practice) Workshop has a prerequisite of Atsushi’s Full-Time workshop (3 hours). Onine Sashiko Class satisfy this requirement. “Core & Essence” on the same week is also good for the prerequisite.

East Coast (New York)

Before the pandemic, I used to have Sashiko Workshops periodically in NYC thanks to many people’s support. The workshop with Yukako-san in Loop of the Loom is the last workshop we scheduled in NYC, and end up with canceling it to follow the CDC procedure. After more than 2 years, it is my pleasure to restart the workshops in NYC with Yukako-san. You may come to see me in Trunk Sale, Sashiko Exhibition and Pop-up Store of Loop of the Loom after the workshop for each day.

Loop of The Loom

*Pop-Up Store will be available from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm for both days.

Privately Arranged Sashiko Workshop in Harrisburg Area

  • September 4th, 2022.

This workshop is arranged for a private group. If you are interested in arranging the workshop, please check the article below for the fee structure.

Sashiko Workshop Schedule in Early 2023

We still have a lot time to go, but I am so fortunate to have plans like this. I sincerely appreciate those who trust & support our Sashiko with planning so ahead.

Aya Fiber Studio

Another Great opportunity to spend 3-full days with Sashiko we practice, from Core & Essence to many ways to apply to your own project, and practice Sashiko with them. In Stuart, FL, we will have very fun, educational, and intensive 18 ~ 21 hours of stitching together. Plan your time in beautiful beach in FL with Sashiko!

Sashiko Online Class (22)

Sashiko Online Class is available for those who would like to start learning Sashiko right now from your place. After sharing Sashiko over the Internet for a while, I am confident that I can deliver the same message via Sashiko Online Class. I “restock” Sashiko Online Class in the 3rd week of each month, based on the numbers of participants who signed up for the specific period. If you find it available, there is no need to fulfill the waiting list. I am looking forward to meeting you online!

Enter Sashiko Coupon Cover

How to Enter Sashiko Coupon Code

Thank you for your interest in our Sashiko Store. Although we do not issue Coupons in regular holiday occasion, when you receive a coupon from us, please refer this website to apply the Sashiko Coupon Code.

From Web Browser

After put items you would like to order, please proceed to the Check-Out Page. Then click the link to apply the Sashiko Coupon Code.

From SmartPhone Browser

Please proceed to CheckOut page for the applying Coupon

Available Coupons Articles

Suitable Fabric for Sashiko Main Cover

Suitable Fabric for Sashiko

Sashiko is getting its popularity as “Sustainable Fashion” or “Stitching for Recycling the fabric”. Sashiko is indeed for sustainability, and we reuse the fabric a lot. However, it is important to understand why we have specific tools & supply for Sashiko. The Japanese who practiced Sashiko accumurated their expertise in the tools & supply, and I would like to be mindful in “Cultural Sustainability” as well. I keep speaking up the importance of Sashiko Thread. Sashiko Threads DO Matter (Link: Youtube Video explaining why Sashiko Thread). How about Fabric? This is a brief explanation of the suitable Fabric for Sashiko.

Imagine what “would” be Suitable Fabric for Sashiko

First, I would like you to imagine what would be the suitable fabric for the Japanese people who practiced Sashiko. With imagining their situation, to be honest, fabric can vary based on our situation & preference. Threads DO Matter in Sashiko, but the choice of fabric can be based on our preference.

However, it doesn’t mean that “Any Fabric” is good. There are good/preferable fabric that the Japanese artisans have been engaging in. It is my wish for you to enjoy the communication with the fabric you have. That being said, I would like to introduce the best fabric for Sashiko Stitching.

*The fabric you would practice Sashiko in the Online Sashiko Class and/or In-Person Sashiko Workshop (Core & Essence) is the one above. It is important to start learning the Sashiko with the most appropriate fabric. We use this fabric to most of our Sashiko Production.

For Stitching & Mending

In 2021, I decided to offer another workshop after “Core & Essence”. The new one is “Application & Practice”, and we apply the Sashiko we share in Core & Essence with learning many format of Sashiko culture. It is like one learns how to use the knife, cutting board, and how to cut the ingredience in “Core & Essence”, and then I will share the [recipes] in “Application & Practice” Class. All of my teaching complete in the Core & Essence workshop (Online Sashiko Class). Therefore, the following workshop is NOT the advanced version. It is my intention to share how we can expand our understanding of Sashiko to other fun part of Sashiko.

In the New “Application & Practice” workshop, I ask participants to bring their own garments or fabric with them so that we can apply our Sashiko to their own future Sashiko practice. I would like to share what is the Suitable Fabric for Sashiko in the workshop.

Suitable Fabric for Sashiko

  • Cotton Fabric (Both Western woven or Japanese Woven. I will mention the difference).
  • Denim Fabric
  • Hemp or Linen Fabric

Non Suitable Fabric for Sashiko

  • Stretchy Fabric including Strethy Denim
  • Sweather or Thick Fabric for Winter such as Fleece
  • Socks
  • T-Shirt

*If you have any concerns or questions about the fabric you would bring to the “Application & Practice” Class, please contact me via the email you have received for the registration.

*I am working on the Online Version of “Application & Practice”. I appreciate your support. I will make it happen.

Communicating to the Fabric

Suitable Fabric for Sashiko Main

In conclusion, choice of fabric is not as significant as the importance of choosing the right Sashiko thread. However, we have our preference such as the Cotton 100% Japanese woven fabric like above, and non-strechy fabric. You may use the fabric you have. It is one important aspect of Sashiko: to appreciate the fabric you already have. Since you will spend a lot of time in the specific garment (or fabric), please choose the right thread & Tools to compensate to your great effort & time.

When you learn how to use the thimble, and stitching in the rhythm, you will start feeling the “communication to the fabric”. The fabric itself will tell us what is the “most suitable way” to enjoy Sashiko Stitching.

It is my goal to share the method of how to communicate to the fabric better rather than how to make even stitches. Even stitches happen when we communicate well to the fabric.

QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Cover

QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops Details

It is my pleasure to join the QuiltCon 2022 as a Sashiko Workshop Faculty. It has been difficult years, and with all the effort of many kind & passionate people in Modern Quilt Guild (MQG), I am very happy that I can be part of this great event. This page is for those who plan to attend QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops. Please find the details below to see what you can expect in QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Journey.

*If you do not have a ticket to join the QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops, please contact MQG for the possible waiting list. In 2020, there were a few last minutes cancellation, and there may be a chance for you to join. Also, I offer Online Sashiko Class as well as a few In-person Workshops for 2022. Please check each articles for the details. Thank you.

In QuiltCon 2022, I offer 2 kinds of Sashiko Workshops: (1) Sashiko: Core & Essence, and (2) Sashiko: Application & Practice. The [Application & Practice] workshop has a prerequisite of [Core & Essence], “Sashiko Mastery Class” from QuiltCon 2020 or Atsushi’s full time (more than 3 hours) in-person or Online Sashiko Class. One may take the both workshops over the same weekend. The “Core and Essence” the participants will learn in the first workshop is not difficult yet very important to know in the second workshop. If you join the (2) [Application & Practice] workshop without the prerequisite, the experience can be significantely reduced. Please contact me if you are not sure about your prerequisite. Also, if you worry about your current understanding of Sashiko after taking the Class (for a long time ago), please contact me as well. I am happy to offer the “refresh your memory” package for you as well.

It is extremely important that everyone has the exact same materials & tools to pass down the Core & Essence within 6~8 hours. Please purchase the special package below before the QuiltCon 2022.

QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko: Core & Essence

In our tradition, Sashiko is NOT about making perfect (or In-perfect) stitches. It is all about moving (trusting) a needle comfortably while communicating the fabric. Unfortunately, the current trend of Sashiko is missing the most important part of Sashiko. In this “Core & Essence” workshop, I will teach you the core technique of our Sashiko so that you can start focusing on communication rather than judging each stitches you make.

It is extremely important to take this workshop before jumping in to any of the workshops I offer. There are a few Japanese terms that the participants need to memorize (not so many & no exams or whatsoever, but knowing them is important).

On Instagram and Facebook, I often say: Sashiko is NOT ◯◯. This workshop will give you the answer what Sashiko is for you.

*This workshop is not a type of “Let’s Enjoy Sashiko Togeher” workshop. It is one-direction learning experience for you. The participants are required to stitch a lot. They may have to go through some “uncomfortable” stitching experience (due to new muscles they use). Sometimes, it may require some mindfulness in eye-opening experience. Please do not be scared or worried, however. I will do everything to help you to “experience” and “start enjoying” the Sashiko we practice today.

*There is NO prerequisite for this workshop. No experience in Sashiko is necessary. If you have never touched the hand-stitching needle, please try to learn how to “thread” the needle, or how to use the threader (videos are available on my Youtube). On the other hands, if you think you already know about Sashiko, please try to be as open-mind as possible. What I teach in this workshop is probably different from what you already know. There is no such a thing as “Right and Wrong” in Sashiko: and I will add another perspective of Sashiko in this workshop.

Please purchase the special package for QuiltCon Sashiko: Core & Essence below.

What to bring to Sashiko: Core & Essence.

The Special Package above is all you need to enjoy the Sashiko: Core & Essence. If you choose to receive it to your home, please bring all of the contents inside.

The following list is something maybe helpful for you to bring & prepare:

  • Masking Tape or Bandage to protect the nail from scratching by needles.
  • It may a good idea to cut the nail on the dominant hand (the hand with the needle). One can learn Sashiko with long nails, but it may be an obstacles in the first trial.

QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko: Application & Practice

It was such a pleasure to have so many positive feedbacks after the Sashiko Workshop in QuiltCon 2020. One request I had received from so many participants were to offer something “advanced” after learning the Core & Essence. To be honest, I believe that the [Core & Essence] provide all of the necessary technique & knowledge to start enjoying Sashiko. It is up to the stitchers preference on what to do after that: therefore, there are no “Advanced” Sashiko workshop. However, there are some ideas that I enjoy after learning the Core & Essence of Sashiko. This workshop will explain several Applications & Practices of Sashiko based on the Core & Essence they leartned in the first workshop.

*This is type of the workshop of “Let’s enjoy Sashiko Together” with following my specific guidance, including Hitomezashi and Mending Ideas.

*The Previous Knowlege of our Unshin (Core & Essence) is prerequisite for this Workshop. Any of Atsushi’s Full-Time (more than 3 hours) workshops graduates are qualified. If you have taken the In-person workshop with Atsushi before 2019, which was longer than 3 hours, you are most likely qualified. If you take the Sashiko Mastery Class in QuiltCon 2020 or taking the Sashiko: Core & Essence in QuiltCon 2022, or have taken the Online Sashiko Class, you are qualified. If you aren’t sure, please contact me so that I can check the status. This prerequisite is extremely important to make this workshop enjoyable for you. I appreciate your understanding.

What to bring to Sashiko: Application & Practice

Since this is a “Applied” Workshop, there are several tools required to bring with you. Please make sure to have them in the Sashiko: Application & Practice on top of the Special Package you are required to purchase above.

Please bring from the previous Sashiko Workshop (either Core & Essence, Mastery, Full-Time, or Online Class):

  • Sashiko Thimble (Metal Round)
  • Sashiko Needle (51.5mm)
  • Chalk Pencil White

*Please bring the exact Needle & Thimble you have received. If you do not have them, please purchase from the Supply Kit webpage in advance →.

Also, please bring:

  • 1 or 2 Crayola Washable Marker (ideally fine top) with Dark Colors.
  • A ballpoint pen (cheap one is fine)
  • One or a few Cotton Garment (such as denim or shirt) with mending (or stitching) needs. A large hole may be too much to complete within the workshop. A hole of about 2~3 inch diameter would be the ideal for patching. The Garment doesn’t have to have holes. I will explain how to apply Sashiko to mending/repairing. Stretchy fabric including stretch denim and T-shirt are not ideal. For the detail of what is best to bring, please check here → (The Article of “What is the best fabric for mending” will be ready soon.

Following is a list that is NOT required yet recommended to bring:

  1. Masking Tape / Scotch Tape / Bandage to protect the nail from scratching by needles. 
  2. Thread Clippers (Some Airline may not allow to carry on the Airplane). Scissors will be available in QuiltCon.
  3. Other choice of garments for mending just in case the one you bring is not ideal for the mending in the workshop (I do not want to limit your suitcase space, so one garment is good enough). 
  4. The fabric you would like to use for mending (A piece of fabric for mending will be provided, but you can use your favorite one).

As same as the Sashiko: Core & Essence, It may a good idea to cut the nail on the dominant hand (the hand with the needle

About Recommended Tools for our Sashiko

The Special Supply Package for the [Core & Essence] Workshop includes everything the participants need in the workshop. There is no need to prepare thread, needle, thimble or fabric for learning Sashiko in this workshop. In order to avoid unfortunate misunderstanding, I require everyone to use the exact same tools & supply.

For the [Application & Practice] Workshop, I ask the pariticipants to bring several things. I do not supply the needles & thimble in this workshop because everyone have once received it in their first Sashiko Workshop (as prerequisite). It is perfectly fine to lose a needle or a thimble. However, I do not want to encourage them to lose them by offering extra package. We believe that the spirit resides in each items (Please read this article for more details).

That being said, there are a few recommended tools for Sashiko, which is NOT necessary yet very useful when you wish to continue Sashiko stitching.

Thread Clipper

Threaders & Finger Cots

Bobbin Paper

Mylar Paper & Carbon Paper

General Information for the Recommended Tools & Supplies for Sashiko Stitching

I am here to Support

If you have any questions about QuiltCon 2022 Sashiko Workshops, please contact Atsushi. I am happy to answer any questions or worries prior to the workshop. Your question may be someone’s question, and I will share the question and answers here on this website (of course, annonymously).

I am looking forward to meeting you in Phoenix, AZ.

Q&A for the QuilCon 2022 Sashiko

Q: (Sample) What is Sashiko?

A: (Sample) You will find out in the workshop!

Return Sashiko Customers

Thank you Coupon for Return Sashiko Customers

Ever since I opened up our Sashiko Online Store, it has been my strong wishes to offer something for returning customers as a token of gratitude. However, under covid-19 & more costly shipping expenses from Japan, I had to focus on keeping the business alive. After 16 month of difficulties, in Fall 2021, I have a good news for our Return Sashiko Customers. Due to a steep shift in USD/JPY rate (more than 5%), I can offer some discount without hurting the business activity. As a thank you note for your previous purchase, I decided to offer 10% off coupon for our “Sashiko Thread” available on our store.

*If you are new to our Sashiko Thread, you can get the same discount on our “First Time Trial Special”. Please find the details on the product page.

Anyone who had made a purchase on our website is qualified for this offer. In order to get the coupon, please fill out this form to get the 10% OFF coupon. I know I could make the step more simple by sending the mass emails to the customers who had made a purchase in our store. However, it is another strong wish of mine to get know of you as a returning customer, who are continuously supporting our Sashiko. Without you (them), I cannot continue this activity. Thank you very much.

Starting October 2022, you will find a password to the renewed Customer Follow-up Website below on your invoice. You can get the same coupon without waiting for me to reply to you. Please check your reciept included in the order package for the password. Thank you!

Notes about Coupon for Return Sashiko Customers

Our “One of a Kind” Indigo Dye Sashiko Thread is also available with this Coupon.

As I keep sharing, Sashiko thread is one of the most important element in Sashiko Stitching. Sashiko Thread Does Matter. I am, of course, aware of the pricing. It is more expensive than the other embroidery thread, or even other “Sashiko Thread” manufactured by bigger suppliers. There are reasons for this pricing: we do not have any scale merit since the manufacture we depend on is quite small. However, or “Therefore”, I would like to protect this thread for me to keep stitching in pleasure, for my mother to keep making beautiful Sashiko items, and for you & everyone else who are willing to learn & maximize their enjoyment in Sashiko.

We used to “prepare” the Sashiko thread with twisting the thinner cotton thread, such as basting thread. We found the best balance, and now we call it “Sashiko thread”. It is simply the best thread for the Sashiko stitching we do. I do not go back to the time we needed to prepare the thread before stitching. I do not want you to go through that extra step neither. Therefore, I keep speaking up the importance of the thread & promoting them. In this time, with this coupon, I am happy that I can reduce a bit of financial burden from the back of returning & supportive customers. I thank you for returning & supporting.

The coupon is pretty simple. 10% Off for the thread we have on our store. Please read a simple “terms & condition” to avoid any unfortunate misunderstanding.

  • Please help us out by writing reviews on the product page (Thank you so much if you have done that already). Please learn how to leave a review here if you need a help ( It would be helpful if you could leave the review with the same email address you write here. It is not a requirement, but your review is the greatest asset for our business. Thank you very much for your time & support.
  • The coupon is only available on our store limited to the Sashiko Thread. If you have made a purchase on other platform or in-person with Atsushi, please leave the message on the Google Form.
  • The coupon will be issued periodically based on the responses on the Google Form. Please email me if you would like to get the coupon right away. Thank you.
  • One coupon is available for one previous order. The coupon cannot be combined with other coupons. (For example, I cannot offer 20% off with using 2 coupons or combining the “Patreon’s thank you 10% Off” Coupon.
  • This promotion may end when the exchange rate shift back without further notification. I will do my best, of course, to communicate the situation. The Coupon will be expired within 30 days of issue date (and I won’t be able to re-issue it), so please get the coupon when you are ready.

Thank you very much for your understanding & support. I hope we can keep supporting your Sashiko journey.

Sashiko Class Arrangement

Sashiko Class Arrangement under Covid-19 pandemic

I has been so long since we had to jump into the new normal of Covid-19. With our “new normal”, I am now accepting the request to arrange the Sashiko Class toward the end of 2021 and throughout the year of 2022. My schedule for an In-person Workshop opportunity is quite packed until the summer of 2022. However, it is possible to arrange a day or so to arrange the nearby in-person workshop and virtual Sashiko Class. Since I starts receiving several requests, here is a summary of what I can do for Sashiko Class Arrangement.

In-Person Sashiko Class Arrangement

The possibility of arranging the In-person workshop in long distance from the state of Pennsylvania is, unfortunately, limited. My schedule is occupied until the summer of 2022, including two Sashiko In-Person Workshop in Aya Fiber Studio (FL) and QuiltCon 2022 (AZ). If you are neaby FL and AZ, please contact them if there is any availablity. If you are an organizer for the possible In-person Sashiko Class, please contact me after reading the Fee Estimate Structure Article.

I limitedly offer the In-person Sashiko Class Arrangement for those who live in nearby/within Pennsylvania (Zip Code 17837). If you woud like to have me for the In-person workshop, please consider having me for the Private Workshop. You may gather your friends and split (divide) the cost to make it happen. I am happy to consider traveling about 200 miles radious from 17837 Zip code. Alternatively, you can plan a visit to the town of Lewisburg to take the private Sashiko Class. For the Sashiko Class Arrangement in Lewisburg, please consider staying in a hotel or Airbnb so that I can offer the Sashiko Class at where you stay. I used to offer the Sashiko workshop in my small house as a classroom. However, under Covid-19 with 6 years old daughter, it is more comfortable for everyone to have your own space to have the Sashiko Class.

If you are interested in a Private & In-Person Sashiko Class Arrangement in Lewisburg and surrounding area, please check the In-Person Workshop Registration page.

*Additional Transportation Fee may apply if I need to travel more than 15 miles from Lewisburg, PA.

Scroll Down to the Links to In-Person Workshop Availability.

Online & Virtual Sashiko Class Arrangement

I can offer a group Online/Virtual Sashiko Class on Zoom if you are an organizer of the textile organization, schools, and other Sashiko interested groups. I will adjust the contents & pricing based on your needs. For the estimate & benchmark, please read below with possible 2 options.

  1. Online Sashiko Class with Recorded Videos & Specialized Follow-up.
  2. Virtual Sashiko Online Workshop.

Online Sashiko Class with Recorded Videos

with recorded videos & follow-up lecture & semi-private session

I have developed an Online Sashiko Class to offer Sashiko in this Pandemic. I have been receiving a lot of good feedback.

If you are an individual, please consider taking the Online Sashiko Class above. I receive many positive reviews, and I am sure you will find it eye-opening. I will support you until you can enjoy Sashiko running Stitch. Archives of Sashiko Webinars are also available (complementary to the Online Sashiko Class).

If you are an organizer in a group, I am happy to consider the special Sashiko Class Arrangement.

In this offer, I send you a link & password for the 3 sections of the Online Sashiko Class (3 Recorded Videos). Your students/participants will work on their own first with watching the recorded materials. After completing the 3 sections & practicing the Sashiko Stitching, I will arrange the Online Webinar about Sashiko’s history and philosophy (1~3 hours: it depends on your request & I will customize it as you wish). 

Then, I will set up several Follow-Up Live sessions (1~2 hours each) so that I can meet each student in a smaller group setting (like 4~6 students). The purpose of this live session is to confirm their learning & practice. It is not a form of lecture or workshop.

To be honest, this is the best way of Sashiko Class Arrangement even for a large group of people since each individual needs unique hours of time to practice the core & essence of Sashiko. Some people get it easily within a few hours (but it will take at least a few hours or so). Some need more hours and struggle to get it comfortable. At this point, I have met no one who had claimed “Oh, I knew what you taught today”, so everyone needs to go through some practice & challenges.

When I offer In-person workshop, I can physically help them to get it comfortable. However, in a virtual setting with many participants, allowing them to have extra time at their own pace would be be more beneficial.

The cost for Online Sashiko Class is the same for the organization Sashiko Class Arrangement as well: $330.00 per student including the supply package. The semi-private session & follow-up lecture are complementary when you choose with this option. The discount for the group may be available based on the numbers of students you have & if you allow me to connect to the students directly to send a follow-up email with recommendation for Sashiko supplies and tools.

*If you are organizing it for academic purpose (like collage students), please contact me for possible discount. Passing down Sashiko is my personal mission, and sharing with students can be my life-time work.

Please Contact Atsushi from Contact Form for the specific arrangement.

Virtual Live Sashiko Class

If you prefer Live-Style Sashiko Class, I can offer a set of 2 Sashiko Workshops on Zoom. In the First session, I will talk about the history of Sashiko & what Sashiko is for us. Then, I move to a class teaching the core & essence of Sashiko (Unshin). The esimate duration for the 1st session is 3~4 hours, but it depends on the numbers of students in the Live Class.

In between the 1st and 2nd section, I would ask a day to a week of time so that the students can practice the core & essence of Sashiko Class while watching the recording of 1st section. For this purpose, I will NOT offer the set of 2 Sashiko Sessions within the same day (The 2nd Session has to be later than the next day of the the 1st session).

The 2nd session is about “how to apply the core & essence of Sashiko” to actual Sashiko practice. The esimate duration for the 2nd session is about 3 hours to 5 hours, which is also depend on the numbers of students & the request for the contents.

I will prepare the materials package, and every participants are required to purchase it (or an organization can purchase the package for them). Without the package, I cannot operate the efficient Sashiko Class.

In this option, there will be no additional Webinar or follow-up Session (the recordings of the set of 2 workshops will be available after the virtual class for a month). The semi-private follow-up Session may be available with extra fees, if the participant would like to have a personal attention.

The cost for this Virtual Live Sashiko Class is below, following the Fee Estimate Article.(

Instructor Fee: $900.00 (estimating 3 hours per section, 6 hours total / $150.00 per hour).

Materials Fee: $70.00 per student. US Domestic Shipping is included. Extra Fee will apply for the International Shipping.

As an estimate, if your organization has 10 participants & Virtual Lecture is 6 hours length of 2 sessions, the total fee will be $1,650.00 USD ($900.00 Lecture Fee + $700.00 materials fee + single set up fee).

*Single Set up fee applies only for the first time. If you decide to offer it repeatedly, this fee will be waived.

*If you allow me to send emails to individual participants to recommend Sashiko supplies & tools to purchase after that workshop, I am happy to consider some discount (up to $120.00 per hour). 

*If you are organizing it for academic purpose (like collage students), I am happy to waive the set-up fee of $50.

I will do my best to make it happen.

Before the pandemic, I used to travel to NYC every few weeks to offer the workshops. I enjoyed meeting the passionate Sashiko students as much as they were happy to take the in-person class. Also, it was a big help for us to keep on going in our Sashiko journey. Making Sashiko pieces is what we do. However, teaching will help us significantly financially to stablize what we do.

With adjusting the new normal, after offering so many Online Sashiko Class & Virtual Sashiko Workshops, I am confident that I can offer the great experience to those who are interested in Sashiko. It isn’t only my subjective confidence without reasoning: it is based on the reviews & feedbacks I have received.

I will do my best to make it happen with your Sashiko Class Arrangement needs. It will help us to keep sharing the Sashiko we have been practicing as well. Thank you for your interest.

*If you would like to support us keep sharing the Sashiko Story, please consider the Patreon to support artisans & story-telling of Sashiko Story.

Sashiko and Illumination

Sashiko and Illumination

As Sashiko became more popular, I started receiving more requests in more diversified ways. The ordinary request is to either offer Sashiko Class to them, or to stitch Sashiko for them as commission work. One day in September 2021, I received an interesting email. This is a off-stage story of Sashiko & Illumination

The title say, “Ask for Sashiko Consultation”, and it continued:

“I would like to have your consultation in a large-scale, artful display: Illumination.”

This request was based on the major misunderstanding of Sashiko introduced in English, that Sashiko indicate some specific geometric pattern. As I always state on my SNS, Sashiko is NOT the word for any specific pattern. If I have to define what Sashiko is, I would say it is a form of (hand) stitching developed in Japan. Each geometric pattern has its own name and stories. We just use the respected pattern for Sashiko stitching.

Unfortunately, this is a very common misunderstanding because there are not enough resources in English and many use Sashiko as the marketing term. In order to fulfill the missing resource, I share a story per day for the last 2 years. However, it isn’t strong enough to be an advocate in this strong & huge trend of Sashiko.

The request to my email box was interesting. However, I often receive similar comments on SNS, which often end up with them minimising my voice, or even ignoring my story. I was tired of the possible reaction saying “oh, just be happy. Sashiko is just the word”. So I was a bit scared of the possible consequences.

I replied to them as nicely as possible to share the Sashiko Stories I carry. Usually, in many cases, since I do NOT offer what they are expecting to hear, the request will not be proceeded. They often just fade away even without saying “Thank you for the reply”. I thought this request was one of those: just not on SNS, to my email box. I was expecting the same: Another waste of my time, but it is necessary in order to accomplish my mission.

The reply was unexpecting one to me, in a good positive way.

They said that they want to learn Sashiko as “Japanese stitching culture”, and then they wanted to use any inspiration they learn from me to create an artful display with illumination. 

Well… if they are willing to learn Sashiko, there is no way to deny their request. All I am asking is their willingness to learn the Sashiko which is NOT yet translated into English. I replied to them that I may not be a good fit and may say something extremely uncomfortable, but I am willing to give it a shot for the first initial meeting. 

My worry wasn’t necessary. After the delightful first meeting with feeling so much respect, I start thinking more deeply with greater confusion. Well, more accurately describing, I asked myself the most difficult question: What is Sashiko anyway?

[Sashiko is a form of hand-stitching to make stitches on the fabric (developed in Japan).]

This is a true statement. I believe no one can argue if it is true or not. Since this is a true statement, in contrast, we can possibly say it is NOT Sashiko if it isn’t stitching. I share my insight that the cloth with a Sashiko-like pattern printed and called Sashiko blanket is NOT Sashiko. However, I thought, isn’t it a form of dualism that I would like to get out?

Then, I start feeling why I feel so “content” after the meeting although their goal is to have an artful “display” with illumination, not stitching. I strongly felt that I would like to be their help if they get inspired by Sashiko. Their willingness to learn & humble to respect the Japanese culture was more Sashiko-like to me than those who hand-stitch pattern pre-printed fabric with caring how “perfect” the stitches have to be (and since they cannot, they immediately start embracing the imperfection) while blocking our voice.

When we look at the outcome, one is Sashiko (even without respecting the Japanese culture behind it), and one is NOT Sashiko because it is illumination (no matter how much they learn from Sashiko Artisans).

Is this my personal preference because I got good respect instead of indifference? Or… I needed to look into what is the feeling wiggling within me.

After many nights of deep thinking, I came to one tentative conclusion. Sashiko is a form of “praying” developed in Japan, and then formed as hand-stitching in their ordinary. It is TRUE and there is no doubt that Sashiko is a “Stitching” Culture. However, that “stitching” must have included the “praying” in their ordinary days. If they understand the significance of this Japanese culture, as long as they say “Sashiko inspired” by Sashiko Artisans story, I believe it carries the spirit of Sashiko more than just simple stitching which looks like Sashiko.

Sashiko and Illumination

Sashiko has to be a form of Stitching.

However, anything besides stitching also can be inspired by Sashiko, even if it is a form of art display. Lighting candles manually (by hands) one by one is a great form of praying similar to stitching one-stitch by one stitch. A similar process of stitching with praying, as if we are stitching to the ground, making the ground of the park stronger, and mend (heal) earth together with praying. 

Outcome is important. How it looks defines the value in many cases. However, in today’s society, the willingness to learn from each other can overcome the issue within diversity: Unfairness and Struggle. 

I believe I could contribute to them to somewhat connect their art display and spirit of Sashiko. I hope many people enjoy the art, that Erin came up with great design with her best willingness to learn about Sashiko.

*For the Article and the detail about the Sashiko and Illumination Event, please visit their website below.

*I introduce how to stitch the same pattern, Seigaiha, as a follow-up materials of Online Sashiko Class. Please consider taking it to fully understand the Sashiko I have been sharing.

Sashiko Jackets Portfolio Cover

Sashiko Jackets Portfolio

One Sashiko Jacket. It is rather easy to talk about one Sashiko Jacket. However, each Jacket takes so many weeks & months of time in stitching, even though we stitch quite fast & efficiently. We are proud of what we can, and what we have achieved. This is our Sashiko Jackets Portfolio.

*This portfolio will be updated as we take photos of Sashiko Jackets.

The details of our items are available on the Sashiko Portfolio Website (

Sashiko Jackets Portfolio (Until 2021)

All hand-stitched by either Keiko, Atsushi, or our friends who practice Sashiko with us. There is no such a thing as “One Correct Sashiko”, and therefore we make many kind of Sashiko. This page is the archives of Sashiko Jackets which are not categorized in Hitomezashi, Boro, and other types of Sashiko.

Purchase Availability

Some of the Jackets may be available as the “One-of-a-kind” Jacket for you. Since we make them with hand-stitching & availability of fabric vary, we cannot promise that we can make the exact same jacket. However, we will do our best to follow your preference. Please contact Atsushi for more information. The pricing estimate is listed there. Please respect the estimate.

Sashiko Patchworked Jacket 2021 A

Made to Order.
Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: $3,900.00 (USD)
Estimated Lead Time: 10 months.

SKF Sashiko Jacket 2021 A

Made to Order.

Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.
Estimated Price: $3,000.00 (USD)
Estimated Lead Time: 8 months.

SKF Sashiko Jacket A

The Sashiko Patchwork Jacket – Keiko 2019

Made to Order.

Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.
(patchworked with multiple Japanese traditional designs.)

Estimated Price: $3,900.00 (USD)
Estimated Lead Time: 10 months to 14 months.

Sashiko Coat Jacket Keiko 01

Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: N/A(USD)
Estimated Lead Time: N/A

SashiCo Brown Coat Jacket X18

Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: N/A(USD)
Estimated Lead Time: N/A

SashiCo Denim Jacket

Made to Order
Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: Ask
Estimated Lead Time: N/A

Asanoha Workman Style Jacket (No Sleeve Samue)

Made to Order
Designed by Keiko Futatsuya.

Estimated Price: $800
Estimated Lead Time: 5~6 months

Other Sashiko Jackets Portfolio

On top of our Sashiko Jackets Portfolios, we have other items Portfolios. Please check the list below.

  • Sashiko Hitomezashi Jackets Portfolios.
  • Sashiko Bags Portfolios.
  • Sashiko & Boro Portfolios.
  • Sashiko Throw and Tapestory Portfolios.
Sashiko Webinar

Sashiko Webinar Series | Learn what Sashiko is for us

More than 700 SNS Posts and 140 Full-Length Sashiko Story on Patreon. I still have a lot more to share. In a trend of simplifying Sashiko, sharing Sashiko Story, both wisdom I receive and personal experience I had gone though, is the way to pass down the Sashiko we have been practicing. In August 2021, I offered a lecture about Sashiko’s essence for the first time in while. I thought it would be somewhat “boring” because all of the content was repetitive stories I had already shared. However, I had received many positive feedbacks for what I had shared. The same story, but in a different way to share: Visual and Audio. I would like to focus on “deliverying the message” besides the “Sharing Stories”. I will continue sharing the story, of course. This is just an announcement of my new way to contribute to the Sashiko Culture. I offer Sashiko Webinar Series to share what Sashiko really is for us.

Sashiko Webinar Details

Sashiko Story Webinar 101 – What is Sashiko anyway?

Date & Time: Friday, September 10th, 9 pm ~ 10 pm EDT

Please get a ticket from the link below. (*It is free of charge to get ticket. However, if you are new to what we do, please condier donation as a ticket price.)

Sashiko Story Youtube Videos

I have been sharing “Sashiko Story” on Youtube as well. Please check this playlist to watch & lean what Sashiko is for us. This can be a great preview materials before joining Sashiko Webinar Series (Of course. it is NOT required).

Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko

I learn the word, “Cultural Appropriation”, when I was accused to be so arrogant while me sharing my personal stories. It is very unfortunate that one can be so ignorant to damage foreign culture. Cultural Appropriation is a very sensitive topic to discuss. I do NOT think “Only Japanese can/should practice Sashiko”. I believe anyone can enjoy Sashiko. However, it has to be done in a respectful manner to those who had developed & tried to pass down Sashiko to today’s society.

Sashiko is simple, very simple, therefore it carries a lot of cultural aspect. I do not want it to be filtered by/for someone’s convenience. The goal of this Sashiko Story Series is to tell them the importance of “acknowledging” it. I am not asking them to stop doing Sashiko or apologize for what they did. I just need them to “learn” what Sashiko really is.

For more details on Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko, please watch the video & read the article below.

Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko