August 29, 2021 at 10:59AM

Society asks you to be someone special. They say, “Find true-self within you”, and encourage you to be the “Only One” by doing something. They teach you how to be creative as if creativity clears your suffering. If “creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence (Quote from Osho)”, what they do is more like obedience (following) to the (social) system than being creative. 

That being said… Why do you have to be special and creative? Since we think we can achieve happiness by being special and creative, we start “borrowing” something that “looks” unique: like the words Sashiko and Boro, without understanding the core of its practice. It is an illusion that one has to be special & creative to be happy, created by someone who benefits from it. They may think they are creative, but in fact, they are just following a path that “looks like” to be creating with destroying something that “looks like” special and creative. 

Again, I ask. Why do you have to be special and creative more than who you really are? If you are willing to learn what Sashiko is, I welcome you to use the word Sashiko together. I don’t teach you to be more “creative”, but I share stories based on Japanese culture. Don’t use the word if your goal is just to be special & creative. You are trying to be “extraordinary” by using the culture of “appreciating to be in the ordinary”. 

As I always say, happiness isn’t something you achieve, or win-over. It is something you realize. Don’t let others define what your happiness is… and more importantly who you are. At least, Sashiko can “teach” you (not me teaching you) how to be okay (appreciate) who you are. Acknowledge it, Learn more, then you will realize what you really want. Don’t let others decide what you want in your life.


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