August 30, 2021 at 10:29AM

I talked about “being special (≈ individualism)” in the previous post. I appreciate feedback that “I (Atsushi)” is special because of what I share. To be honest, though, I do not consider myself special. I know it because I tried so hard to be “special” in the past.

If you find me somehow “different” though, then it is because I reach the understanding of “who I am” in chaos. It is my sincere fortune to find whom I spend my time for, and what I would like to do. I can pretty much answer all of the “why” you may wonder. Why Sashiko? Why share stories everyday? Yes, of course, I wish to be someone else occasionally, but I find happiness residing right next to me thanks to this “why”.

I am not special. I just decided to be honest. (If you argue that “being honest” is “special” in this society, then I have to admit that I am special). Since I have “answers” to “why”, I have important “things” that I want to protect, especially from those who ignore the fact arrogantly. We may call it “dignity”. I want them to respect Sashiko & Japanese culture, but I do not ask for their respect toward me, because I already have my own dignity. “Respect” is something to advocate, and “Dignity” is something given.

You may wonder, again, what does this post do with Sashiko? The answers to “why” is formed in my Sashiko time: when & where I talk within instead of judging the result or even myself. Is this the Sashiko you can find in English books? I don’t think so. Therefore, filtration is indeed happening. It is sometimes necessary to perform “someone else” in life. However, please do not fake yourself… because I do not want you to lose who you really are. 


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