August 27, 2023 at 09:08PM

When I speak up, I try my best to be “reasonable”. “Reasonable” here indicates being “logical” so that we can be on the same page in sharing stories regardless of the fundamental difference we have. Therefore, I ask here to read as many posts as possible here. The logic is a vehicle to deliver the message.

However, what motivates me to speak up is “Emotion”. I sometimes wish to be just emotional to “preserve” the Sashiko we practice. As I mentioned above, though, it won’t be “reasonable” because some “Emotions” may be too different from what is “normal” in English. Therefore, I let myself be more emotional in Japanese. In the very bottom of what I am trying to speak up, I want to let the world know this smile. The photo is of my mother, Keiko, who loves Sashiko & has devoted her entire life to Sashiko. I have/had so many Sashiko Artisans like her who were proud of their Sashiko. In today’s trend, the Sashiko we/they practice is NOT introduced well. The books, Website, Videos, Lectures, Classes offered by non-Japanese people… are not mentioning our/their Sashiko clearly. Their smile & Sashiko would have been buried in history if I weren’t speaking up. It is “their/our” choice to be buried in history, to be honest. However, now, as I say they wish to preserve their Sashiko, not mentioning the Sashiko we practice is an action of “eracing” the culture, not just being buried.

I have reasons to speak up – I stitch for many reasons. I call the reasons, “Sashiko Story”.

今週末の9/1~9/3の日程で、岐阜県の鵜飼で有名な河原町に恵子さんがお邪魔します。和歌山でご縁を頂いた、@kajiyamachi_blue (鍛冶屋町ブルー)様の企画の一つとして簡単な刺し子のワークショップを開催させて頂くことになりました。このアカウントで時にご紹介する刺し子の作品も持っていくとのことなので、実際の刺し子と、実際の恵子さんにお会いしに岐阜の河原町に足を運んで頂けたら嬉しいです。ワークショップの詳細やご予約は、画像のメールアドレスから直接恵子さんにご連絡下さいませ。


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