August 28, 2023 at 07:16PM

What I share here isn’t something extraordinary. As I live with Sashiko, I talk about Sashiko with great concern. However, similar things are happening everywhere, probably around you as well. With agreeing the profound comments I received yesterday, “We“ tend to simplify Other’s Culture for “Our” purposes. Here, I can talk about only Sashiko & Boro – and I want to introduce the importance of “Acknowledgement of the Culture”, yet I am not alone in this.

I realize that the pain comes from “Over-Simplification” of the Culture. I want you and everyone to enjoy Sashiko – and I do also want to preserve the width/depth of this culture. For that, today’s Sashiko in English is over-simplified by those who think they know about Sashiko without proper engagement.

“Simplification” brings profit easily as it comes with “Speed”. Simplification happens when they prioritize convenience over culture itself. I don’t mind simplification when it is introduced as “simplified” version, like one saying [My Sashiko Teaching is a simplified version, so please learn the depth by other Japanese] is a fine phrase to copy what we do. The issue is the simplification with hiding the true intention. Have you seen the “answers” for Sashiko, or anyone saying “One-Stop for learning Sashiko”? There is no such a thing as the answer or “One-Stop for All” – They are signs of over-simplification

I don’t offer answers so easily because my answer can encourage simplification of the whole picture. I do not leave anyone who has been part of the Sashiko with investing their whole lives. It is “Us (We)” who can change it. Simplification itself isn’t bad – just please be mindful you may encounter simplification as an eraser of the heart of its culture.


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