August 25, 2023 at 06:12PM

I am very much looking forward to the discussion with and @little_kotos_words tomorrow (Sat. August 26th at 8 pm EST). When I was in total confusion with the word [Cultural Appropriation] 5~6 years ago, I tried to read as many posts, articles, and books as possible, and they have been great educators to me. It is my first time listening to Emi-san’s talking, and I am sure it will be a good evening talk.

In this topic, there are many kinds of “opinions”. I believe you have seen the comment saying [Cultural Appropriation is Nonsense]. Wel, to be honest, when I was in Japan, I would have said the exact same thing: that it is nonsense to even think about “Culture being Appropriated”. Again, to be honest, I am still dragging the same mindset – and therefore I have my own statement about “Sashiko and Cultural Appropriation” – which pretty much state that “Don’t worry about it when you acknowledge the stories behind it”. In the ultimate summary, my message is “Don’t Worry about it if you are worried.

However, it doesn’t mean that the pain doesn’t exist. We cannot say there isn’t an issue from the side with privileges. Therefore, regardless of the belief we have, it is very important to listen to others. As it keeps coming up while I share Sashiko in English, please try to learn what they say as well. I will share my own thoughts & experiences when I talk in the same series.

*Before reacting here, please read/listen to what I write/say carefully instead of what you think I would write/say – I receive unnecessary “defense” from people who misunderstand me for accusing them of doing Sashiko… which I am not.


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