August 27, 2021 at 12:14PM

Genius, Gifted, and Talented. We often value being “unique” on days without stimulation. At least, I used to longfor the genius, I wanted to be gifted and talented until I realized my fate. The society asked us to be the “No.1” while competing with each other. Then, facing the importance of diversity, the expectation changed to “Only One” from “No.1”. However, do we all have to be someone unique? Is it so important to be the “Only One” and/or “No.1”? Can I be just “One” in “Everyone”?

In today’s society, yes, it is important to figure out “who I am”. Therefore, I understand the importance of finding “Only One” and/or “No.1”. I see some people “use” Sashiko to be unique (with, unfortunately, not enough learning). One of the important core of Sashiko is “the ordinary”. In fact, it is one core principle of Mingei (Japanese Folkart). The Japanese artisans were proud of being “one” without being “Only One” or “No.1”. The outcome by anonymous artisans. Therefore, I feel strange when the “ordinary” is missing in someone’s Sashiko.

“One” can indicate the “Whole”. Therefore, I share stories to ask “you” to contribute to this “Whole”. I believe our society is shifting to be more inclusive in the form of “(Every)One”, where no one has to prove they are better or unique. I may be wrong. However (therefore), I would like to keep the “possibility” of Sashiko bringing us all together to One – by protecting it from someone who profits out of Sashiko.



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