August 26, 2021 at 10:14AM

Sashiko isn’t only “Fashion”. 
Sashiko itself isn’t Art (to me). 
Sashiko isn’t about Pattern or Design. 
Sashiko isn’t only about mending.

It is natural, you wonder, “what the heck is Sashiko then?” because I keep saying Sashiko is NOT ◯◯. I cannot define it, well… I do not want to define it with my limited understanding. I am planning on the webinar to explain this. Free? A bit of Charge? I am not sure yet.

If I were to summarize it into one sentence, “Sashiko is a form of (hand) stitching”. That’s it. No more or less than that. Some may wonder, well, then it is super easy & every culture has stitches like Sashiko. Yes! Therefore, the name matters: the word “Sashiko” carries a lot more than what non-Japanese know, which is ordinary for the Japanese. 

I keep nah-ing to many media which have written up their articles then ask me to back it up. Since they all talk about fashion, art, design, pattern, how-to and how this trend of mending & upcycling can affect another movement, it would be unfortunate for both of us. Recently, this trend changed and I met several media who are willing to listen to me. One great media (Piecework) even “paid” for my writing. Selvedge is another magazine that listens to the voice from makers. It is easy to mold “it” to your comfortable form. However, by molding it, something important may be lost. I am speaking up to preserve the “something” which may be a great help to someone who is in need.



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