August 25, 2021 at 09:03PM

Thank you for many good wishes for my fingers. They are getting better. I am an idealist, but not so an idiot to destroy my finger on purpose by doing idiotic things (like stitching in pain). 

The point is, though, the “ordinary” of Sashiko stitching. I have a friend who has spent her entire life in music. She takes extra care for her hands, and I completely understand it. Her hands create the beautiful music & art. My hands may create the “art” as well, but protecting it from the “possible injury” by outsourcing all the other “ordinary work” such as yard work, cooking, and cleaning doesn’t make sense in terms of “Sashiko and its ordinary”. Sashiko is part of ordinary work, and therefore, I do not fear the damage of hands. It is part of it. Health and Body are very important and precious. I dare not to damage it on purpose. I will try my best to heal them. However, I just want to share that I will keep working on my hands no matter how valuable my Sashiko becomes. 




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