August 24, 2021 at 09:33PM

Over the last weekend, before it gets too hot & humid here, I worked outside in our backyard. Normal routine work, but then I realized my pinky finger doesn’t move well, following with a bit of pain. On Sunday, I cooked dinner for 2 families (of course, without this taping). They are a family of both medical doctors, and one recommended X-ray, the other advised aluminium splint, and my choice was Salonpas. It is getting better, so it’s all good. 

My wife worried a lot saying “Oh, that’s your stitching hand. Don’t do yard work. Your fingers are very important.” As much as I appreciate her concern, if I start protecting my hands for the purpose of stitching, it is not the main stream of Sashiko. Routine Yardwork, handyman missions, cleaning, cooking and anything that I use with my own hand is a part of my “ordinary”. I do not want to be overprotected as someone who makes something extraordinary. If my index finger is broken, I will use other fingers. If my right hand is unavailable, I can use the left hand. No hands? Then feet. The Core of Sashiko that I appreciate isn’t so much in making the perfect stitches. The beautiful perfect stitches are important, but also “merely” a result. 

Sashiko is my life: nothing will change that. 



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