August 23, 2021 at 08:03PM

As you may know by now, the denim is done by my student, so yes, anyone can do Sashiko.

Some criticize me for being arrogant & not generous because I do not answer their questions “right away”. Well… All of their answers including “how to” and “techniques” are all available out there already, for “FREE” or charge. Some questions require the thinking process. If a question is unique after being well-researched, I usually answer it (or ask them to wait for me to make a post or a video). I really do not know how to be “more generous” than that. I am not their parents who spoon-feed, and they aren’t babies who need to be spoon-fed… at least, that’s what I think (hope).

All the information, including tutorials, are available from the links on my profiles. However… well, in fact, “therefore”, please be mindful when you enjoy Sashiko. I offer very exclusive supplies. When I offer more “generalized” items, I try my best to offer competitive pricing. It will help me to keep offering the stories when you choose to purchase from @upcyclestitches. When you have surplus, please consider Online Sashiko Class (or In-person Workshop). The tutorials are there, but my class is much more than just tutorials – which I need to get to know you a bit to pass down (In person or Live Session). Since Sashiko is getting so popular, your mindful choice will help the culture to survive. Supplies matter. Stories matter. I am sharing what is the core & essence of Sashiko here. 

先日の配信で何気なく使った言葉、「狂気」という表現が気に入っています。 何百時間、何千時間と刺し子をしていると、「何が楽しいの?」と言われる事は常々なのですが、人様から狂気と思われる所を通って突き抜ける何かができるのかなと、振り返りつつ客観的に思ったりしています。刺し子は誰にでもできます。だからこそ、狂気に近い所を通る作品には魅了されるんだろうなぁと。ま、刺してる本人は狂気と思っていない所が一番狂気だとは思いますが(笑)運針を教えだして、それは僕だけの狂気ではなく、運針に付随する狂気だったんだなと、嬉しく、そして少し申し訳なく思ったりしています。

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