August 21, 2021 at 08:28AM

I am just sharing stories. I do not plan (wish) to take any radical actions regardless of the pain or risk I foresee. I have a strong faith in humanity. I sincerely believe that once “they” know the difference, “they” will start caring, and eventually adjust. “Not knowing” is fine. Therefore, I am here to share the history, knowledge, wisdom and stories. I believe we are better than how we define ourselves… Am I too idealistic? 

There are, of course, reasons why I believe in humanity. One is because I am a product of decent people. They do not consider themselves as someone special: but they were nice not only to me but also to everyone else around. Although I mostly made this foundation in Japan, I believe it is the same across the cultures and countries. I am a big believer of (SeiZen Theory) 性善説 – that no one is born evil: (I shared this story in Patreon with details). 

In short, I believe in YOU. Yes, my pain is here due to the cultural filtration I come across. However, most of the filtration is caused by “good-intention”, being led by intentional ignorance. It is not my intention to create “a fight” to define which side is right. It isn’t so much to Japanese culture. I am just waiting, with sharing stories, the timing of people start realizing “Umm. Something may be missing here”. After 3 years of sharing stories, I am surely feeling the change. If I do not believe in this humanity, I would have given up Sashiko a long time ago: and just adding the cultural tip: although many are naturally decent, one had to be “decent” to fit the Japanese collectivism in history. Well, that’s another story.


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