August 20, 2021 at 01:43PM

“Is Sashiko Art?”. I had a Live Streaming only in Japanese to share my understanding about Sashiko as Art or Non-Art. There are many reasons why I do not consider Sashiko as Art. It is almost meaningless to discuss to “conclude” if Sashiko is Art or not because the “definition” and “expectations” in English toward Art is different from the one from Japanese (at least, what I have). Therefore, it is okay to leave it “undecided”. For me, Sashiko is NOT Art. If you want to convince me to change, write to me in Japanese (Communication in English will not bring us to a mutual understanding due to different pre-set in this matter). At the same time, I humbly accept the admiration toward Sashiko as the Art. Yes, Sashiko “can be” Art. I just want them (non-Japanese) to think why some Japanese do not consider Sashiko as the Art, before using the word “Art” as an excuse to do whatever they want.

In my stay in Pittsburgh, I learned that the “Art” can carry a lot of “messages”. Our Sashiko/Boro pieces carry many stories, and I share them. However, they aren’t messages to impact someone or something. When I make Sashiko for the purpose of influencing the world, then it may be a form of Art using Sashiko. This is something I can do now. In our society, outcome and results are the primary of success. This affects the way of Sashiko as well. Many worry if their result is good… or Sashiko even became a name for a pattern (which is wrong). I will make a piece as an antithesis for today’s “result oriented” society. Sashiko isn’t about making beautiful stitches. The beautiful stitches are “mere result”, not the essence. 


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