August 19, 2021 at 03:40PM

I do not need to have a fancy meal. I just want to be able to buy Seasonal Fruits without checking the price tag. I do not want to drive a luxury car. I just want to let dealers handle the maintenance instead of shop around for the cheaper options. I do not wish to be an authority in Sashiko. I just want Sashiko to go through reasonable changes.

This “normal” became somewhat difficult in today’s society, especially for those “crafters”, or even “artists” who try to work with their hands. By choosing a path to be the artist, artisan, or crafter, without generous supporters & patrons, one may have to go through the challenging life. Why do they choose the difficult life then? It is because they like what they do – and more importantly, they have reasons for what they do. Sashiko may be just a trend for some of you here. It is perfectly fine to enjoy Sashiko as a trend. However, please learn that there are numbers of people who “have (had) spent” or “have been spending” a life-long practice. Their “opinion” matters. However, I am not here to discuss individual opinions. I am here to share (leave behind) so that someone with care will carry it on.  


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