August 17, 2021 at 08:41AM

It is such an honor to see an article about me & our Sashiko in the Issue 102, September / October 2021 of Selvedge Magazine (@selvedgemagazine). It was 2017 to learn about the Selvedge Magazine from my dear friend in NYC. She insisted that I should work hard to be in the magazine one day. After 4 years passed, I am happy that I could make it happen. Without her encouragement, it wouldn’t happen.

I also hugely appreciate the writer who interviewed me. In the media, when they have a “close deadline”, the interviewers often try to get out of what they want to write (or what they already have written) from my mouth or writing. Instead, the writer in Selvedge wrote the article from scratch based on what we had taken for a few hours. The article is fantastically summarized as her understanding of Sashiko: I wouldn’t be able to summarize my message so nicely and clearly (therefore, I share so many stories here and there… hahaha). 

If you subscribe to Selvedge Magazine, please wait for the copy of Issue 102. I am waiting for mine as well. If not, I recommend you to try one issue, or subscribe to the magazine, especially if you like the textile & fabric. I believe it is important to support a publisher like Selvedge who cares for the makers & It is always fun to read & enjoy beautiful photos. Let me know what you think about the article they wrote for me.



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