August 16, 2021 at 05:28PM

“Internet” changes pretty much everything about how we live. By enabling the “free” communications, many “stones” and “gems” got into the same box. It is us, individuals, to find what is a gem (valuable to them) and what is a stone (not so valuable). The internet makes anyone able to speak up anything: One can be a teacher by watching a video on the Internet and reading several books/articles even if it is not the “1st” resources. It isn’t a matter of good or bad. We just need to realize that it changed. The Internet can be a dangerous place when one cannot see through what is truth and fake.

Some may think the freedom in the Internet (Social Network) brings a series of unfortunate outcomes. I feel similar when I encounter ignorance (often with privilege, but not accepting it) and arrogance without learning. However, it is also true that the Internet enables us (minority in comparison) to leave “the voices” behind. Usually, the “strong side (winner)” makes history. Although the history as the fact is always “One”, the stories may be filtered by those who can control. What I try to do is to introduce those “possibly filtered stories” because they didn’t have chances to leave. Without the Internet, what I am doing (including Sashiko itself) may have been buried in history as “Sashiko is a technique to make beautiful patterns, and Boro is a mending Technique”. Please know that [Sashiko = pattern & Boro = technique] is a story filtered by someone who benefits from it. Then you may wonder what they are? This is the account to teach you by sharing many stories. It isn’t me who will teach you what it is. It is you who find out what it is from the stories. 


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