August 15, 2021 at 07:52AM

I believe the people here have already realized it. However, just in case, here it is. I am NOT limiting your creativity. In fact, I am doing the opposite. I am helping you to expand your possibilities. Before criticizing what I write based on your “common sense”, realize it by reading between lines. It isn’t so difficult once you become mindful of what I am doing.

“Whatever is fine because it is Art” is a valid statement. However, please be aware that their “whatever” is already limited by someone’s convenience. So, they are choosing “whatever they can choose” and calling it “Art”… and resulting in changing the culture. Keep learning so that you can expand “whatever” – it is what I tell my students. Whatever is good when you “can do / know” what I am sharing. 

Unfortunately, today’s Sashiko in English is missing the most delicious part. It doesn’t make me so angry, just sad. Some are eating “Pizza without Cheese” and calling it a delicious pizza. Before saying whatever is fine, the “whatever” unfortunately doesn’t include the cheese. Yes, you can add “whatever toppings” on pizza, but I want you to enjoy the rich greasy cheese. Once you know the taste of cheese, then let’s go find what is the best cheese for your pizza.

What they know about the foreign culture is already limited when common sense & language are different. I am not limiting anyone. I am just saying I do not want you to give up on something important by trusting the convenient route. Don’t trust “whatever”: please find YOUR “whatever”.


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