August 13, 2021 at 10:29AM

Another sink-in-thought night. I laughed at the insane DM I received (shared in Story). Then, I freaked out from my heart when some advised me “Well, it isn’t so uncommon” via DM. Not one. Several same advice. If one claims that she has read all of my writing, and then comes up with a completely false story from out of nowhere, then there is no safe place. Well, I can be okay in dangerous places. I appreciate all of your DMs & comments.

I have been thinking “why”, though. There are 2 extreme groups of people in this account. One who enjoys what I write. The others hate my messages for “threatening” their freedom. Since “haters” unfollow, 99.9% of the people here are who appreciate me & whom I appreciate to. It is so unfortunate that the “Pain” is not by majority decision. If so, the pain wouldn’t be this bad. 

But again, why 2 extreme reactions from 1 story? Here is one possibility. It is because I “share stories” instead of telling them“What to do”. It is much easier for me to share “How to” if my goal is to make money & increase the followers. However, it doesn’t pass down the whole picture of Sashiko/Boro. Therefore, I share “stories”, not directions to follow. Therefore, the stories become like a mirror. They read my stories, and adapt it to their own experience. When they do not “imagine” well, then they face the “message” they carry within.

This is one exact reason that I want them to “learn” Sashiko. The technique I share is NOT how to make beautiful stitches. They can make beautiful stitches, but that’s not the point. It is MORE than that. I accept changes in culture. However, the changes should be done by those who understand the important elements of its practice: So, what I share is the mirror via Sashiko stitching.


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