August 28, 2021 at 02:10PM

I love books. Reading gives me time to talk to the authors, other readers as well as to myself while following the words. I enjoy written stories, therefore I have been sharing so many of these here and there. As long as they are written somewhere, someday, someone will find out. That’s the principal of this account.

At the same time, I am learning the importance of “message”, not just “stories”. I gave a Sashiko Lecture to a closed group for the first time in a while. I did not mention anything new in the lecture: All of them were some repetitive stories from here and Patreon. In spite of my worry that the lecture would be “boring”, I received a lot of positive feedback. It is the power of visual and audio – the penetration with message. 

I will keep sharing the stories here. On top of that, I try to offer a Sashiko Story Webinar to anyone who is interested. The first Webinar is with the same theme: “What is Sashiko anyway?” in which  I had in August: a bit of revised version based on the feedback I received. It is scheduled on Friday, September 10th from 8pm to 9pm EDT. The ticket is free, but any amount of donation will be helpful for me to keep offering the webinar. Please find the details from the link below, and I hope to see/meet you there. It is my hope to make it as a “series”.



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