August 14, 2023 at 06:07PM

In interviews, I often receive the question: [What about Sashiko attracts you?]. In other words, it is a similar question I often ask here: [What do you like about Sashiko?]. There are many answers to this question – all of the answers each has are “Right” and “True” to them, yet I am still in search of the “Reasons” why I am into Sashiko this much.

As technology makes our lives more convenient and logical, we may have forgotten some of the “ability” we (as human being) used to have. We live in a society where the answers are in numbers – we live in a programmed society. When A.I. gets bigger, the “Normal” will be under the numbers. I cannot live without IT, yet I would like to acknowledge the power we (at least our ancestors) had. The power isn’t something “fancy” – more like our grandma cooks without measurement cups. Driving without Navigation… I feel the Sashiko we practice is the way to reconnect as if I am resurfacing the old, rusted treasure. I respect not only “vintage result” but also the “vintage humanity (ability)” we used to have as the ordinary.



#Sashiko #刺し子


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