August 13, 2023 at 10:32AM

From the “Teaching” perspective, it is easier to offer the “Answers” as rules to follow. For example, if I were to set the rules saying each stitch has to be 0.5mm, I can rest after “teaching” what is the “rule”. This isn’t the teaching style I pursue. If the goal is to get money by making them feel good about themselves, this would be an easy style – my goal is to pass down the Sashiko we practice. For that, I want my students to surpass me, and they need to find their own “Answers” to do so. Offering instantaneous answers is easy & satisfying in the short-term, yet it can limit the possibility of its practice from a cultural perspective. [Shuhari – 守破離] is one of the philosophy explaining how “teaching” is like in Japan.

“Teaching” now has become a form of entertainment. My workshop is following the same route as the teaching won’t be accepted if it is entertaining (I watch so many stand-up comedy to be funny in the workshops). There is nothing wrong with having fun learning. We should enjoy learning itself. However, as a student, we need to know that there is “more” than the entertainment we enjoy. Otherwise, the one who really can “teach” will be erased from the practice itself. I want to be funny, yet I do not want you to just consume Sashiko as entertainment because there are other sides to the joy of Sashiko by learning more. I am doing my best to be the best “teacher” in Sashiko – so please be mindful of whom you are learning Sashiko from. At this point, I am probably the only one who can do so in English.



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