August 08, 2023 at 10:37AM

The word “Acknowledge”. I use it very often as if this word will solve most of the issues. I even said in the video: [There is no Cultural Appropriation in Sashiko when one “acknowledges the stories behind”]. Not the word itself, but the concept of “acknowledgement” can really change someone’s life. At least, it did to me.

In my youth, I always wanted to “win”. The college degree in foreign country was one form of “winning” after layers of effort (It isn’t easy to get a degree in another language). Success. Accessory. Title… Everything was a subject to acquire, and I justify my hard work for “winning”. I even believe that “Happiness” is a subject to get after “winning”. As a result, I was always searching for “Happiness” and something to fulfill myself.

Now, I have a different approach in life. For me, “Happiness” is something to “acknowledge” around me. It doesn’t have to be in the dualism of “Win” or “Lose”. I probably consider myself as a “loser” from my previous criteria, yet I am happier than ever with my daughter & wife.

It is true that we sometimes “have to” work hard to “win”. Winning (Competition) is the foundation of development. However, it is also important to acknowledge something outside of the dualism they believe. Here, in Sashiko, the most important element exists outside of Western Value – and I am here to share it. Please acknowledge what you have & see – then, you will get closer to the answer I am trying to share.



#Sashiko #刺し子


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