August 06, 2023 at 05:18PM

About 6 years ago, I decided to “expose” our stitching on the Internet. Some friends advised me it would be a horrible idea to “show it” for free of charge. They tried to convince me that I should look for other ways to “preserve it” as the exposure would be consumed for entertainment, be copied everywhere, then they spread it as “free contents”, and it would lose the “value”. They are right. The reality goes exactly as they worried. However, I do not regret the huge decision. “Sashiko” isn’t already the stage of “trying to preserve” – it isn’t Sashiko Artisans who can preserve the culture by working hard. It is “decent people” in the world with “cares & respect” who can preserve it – I chose to depend on them instead of preserving it by ourselves.

Some warned me that I live in my idealism. Maybe so. However, most of the Sashiko I receive is structured by these “Decent Japanese People (not necessarily positive)” with “care & respect” for each other. After the big decision, the questions shifted from “what (to expose/hide)” to “how”. Sharing stories here is the answer to meet the “Decent People” who will be a part of the Future of our Sashiko.

Well. It is easy to say, but difficult to true to it all the time – I need to make my living with family to support. Yet, I am pretty hopeful about the future of Sashiko thanks to you here. We all have our capacity on what we can do. Someone’s culture shouldn’t be prioritized before you & your family. Yet, I am having another day today to share the Sashiko Story. This world isn’t so bad – the key is to “acknowledge” it – then we can “care” as, I believe, we are decent by nature.

英語圏では「本の出版を待ってるよ」とご期待の声を頂くこともあって、出版は一つの夢として抱いています。ただ、最初の一冊だけは「ハウツー本は作らない」と決めていて、刺し子に対する思いや日本の当たり前の素晴らしさを紹介できる「刺し子を介した」本にしたいのです。分野的には「読み物」、下手すると「思想&哲学」に入る出版なので、それを英語でするとなると…まぁ夢は夢のままだよなぁと。それでも自費出版という道はある訳で、それを望んで下さる人もいて、その一歩としての雛形の一枚を勇気を出して形にしました。日本語と英語を翻訳しても同じ文章にはならないけれど、伝わる事はなんとなく一緒。この5年ずーっと続けてきたことです。一つ一つまとめていけたらと思っています。この形を思いついたきっかけの@shi.mojirenn さんに感謝しつつ。

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