August 04, 2023 at 08:30AM

Besides Sashiko, I love reading books. I also like watching movies (although I don’t watch as much as I wish in limited time). The reason I prioritize “Sashiko Stories” more than many things is similar to reading books & watching movies. What I would like to deliver to you is “Experience”, not just “Information”.

We live in the Information Society. It is extremely important to be updated in Information for “success”. However, Information itself will not compose the culture. There is a gap between “Knowing” and “Doing” – and the core of Sashiko exists in “Doing”. Unfortunately, some Sashiko introduced in English lack the “Experience” part. They may teach something informative to be “Right” in Sashiko based on someone’s knowledge, but that’s not the whole. I hope my teaching goes further by experiencing “it”. In that level, there is no such a thing as “Right and Wrong”.

Reading a whole book often leaves me with an impression as if I experienced what happened in the book. A good movie can change your life by functioning as “(Simulated) Experience”. When the goal is just to “obtain Information”, the whole books/movies may be unnecessary. Someone’s summary may be enough – yet I want “you” to experience it. Unfortunately, today’s Sashiko introduced in English is someone’s summary. I want you to “experience” Sashiko, and therefore I share “Sashiko Stories” – not just information.


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