August 03, 2023 at 08:44AM

I’m glad that some can learn more than Sashiko from what I share/teach – some say they learned something about “life”. I say Sashiko is more than stitching, and others say they learn more than Sashiko. It sounds interesting? It is quite natural because what I am sharing as Sashiko is about someone’s life. I was raised by those who spent (almost) all of their lives in Sashiko. Not like one who rides on a trend for making a quick money. It is delightful that there are people who can read through it from what I share/teach. To me, being disrespectful to “Sashiko” is almost equal to disrespecting these “people”. Therefore, my voice sounds angry sometimes. If one disrespect your family member, would you smile & welcome the discussion?

It isn’t easy to explain what is “More” than stitching in Sashiko. My stories are one way to learn the “More” from a cultural & logical perspective. Another way to learn “More” is from “practice” – [Core & Essence] class I teach is a great start to feel the “More”. I have one In-Person class planned, and I made some spots available for Online Class. I hope to meet you individually to share the life-long Sashiko experience.

I appreciate so many taking the Domestika Course. Please understand that it is [introductory], and more personal/individual interaction is necessary to share [Core & Essence]. (Another reason I do not publish a Sashiko book of “How to do Sashiko”). Please consider the [Core & Essence] class to learn the “More” part.



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