August 10, 2021 at 10:47AM

It is quite surprising to receive feedback that they didn’t know the some Japanese stitched Sashiko to strengthen the fabric. Making the fabric stronger by stitching in their harsh conditions with limited resources is one of the primary & important essences of Sashiko. Unfortunately, This is how “filtered” Sashiko is now in English. The trend is changing its principal. No wonder I feel fear. However, it is NOT your fault that you do not know about it. Not knowing isn’t the issue. In fact, I thank you for coming here to learn. It is an unfortunate result of Japanese being quiet (for many reasons including the language barrier). It is the Cultural Filtering done by privileged group (as considering English as “privilege” Language). When one speaks on behalf of their foeign culture, they have a responsibility to “communicate the whole” rather than making better sales. Making money is fine, but (intentional) ignorance is not fine.

It is a valid question: “Does Sashiko really strengthen the fabric?” Yes. It is wisdom based on so many people’s practice & story. Not all stitching make fabric stronger, but our Sashiko does. Following the wisdom, many other questions will be answered with many stories. We have reasons why we use our specific thread, needle, thimble, and scissors. There are reasons for the patterns we stitch. The posture matters to make this wisdom happen. If one chooses “whatever” after knowing every story, then it is the “evolution” of Sashiko. However, if they say “whatever convenient” by ignorance, then it isn’t the change – it is just destroying the culture. It may be too late in Sashiko, but I know there are so many people here to listen & learn so we can pass some down. Sashiko is more than a trend.


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