August 09, 2021 at 04:09PM

Please, please respect the “eldery” people in the field you are interested, especially if you are just visiting. “Result”, “Outcome”, “Speed”, “Productivity” and “Efficiency”. They are all important aspects to be “Successful” in today’s society, but “An amount of time one had spent” in one field can be an irreplaceable treasure (wisdom). They spend so much time doing “something” in their limited resources. We can choose to use the dishwasher and be efficient. Can we “consider(define)” those who washes dishes by hand just “Not-efficient”? That is a very dangerous mindset to limit the culture. Same in Sashiko. If you are relatively new, first try to learn, then keep practicing. I welcome a good thought-out discussion. I have a lot to learn. For that, I am “eldery person” in Sashiko & learning a lot here. (For example, in the C/A issue, I am a newbie and all the statements I make can be insufficient – not wrong, insufficient. I am still learning).

“An ability to adjust to new things (technology)” and “performing the expected meme” are very important in today’s society. Those who “can” adjust may look down on by those who “cannot”. However, those who “can” have to understand their “can” may be based on those people who “couldn’t”. Same in Sashiko. It is a fantastic movement to celebrate Sashiko. However, that celebration has to include those who made it happen (kept it until today). At least, let’s say without respect, the celebration cannot exclude those who had established the wisdoms. Do you think it is over-reacting? No, it is an on-going “trend” in Sashiko.


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