August 08, 2021 at 09:50PM

“In making Sashiko Denim, do we stitch the denim pants first or mend it first?”. This is a frequent question I receive when I work on denim (in Live Streaming). When we know (or think of) the essence of Sashiko, the answer is decided: We stitch the pants first. Of course, mending is an important aspect of Sashiko. However, the Japanese stitched to “avoid” mending in their difficult condition. There is (almost) always an answer to a Sashiko question because Sashiko existed in the ordinary. “Just Because” is very rare. There are reasons, in fact, the Sashiko is the result of those “reasons (stories)”. Well, we call the result of those stories “Wisdom”, right? Is it so difficult to understand why I am working so hard to pass down these wisdoms? It is easy to lose (by just ignoring it), but it is almost impossible to revive it. I want to keep “it” as a choice, not filtered culture by someone who does not even know these wisdoms. 



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